Disney Cruise Line sends continued support to non-profits in the Bahamas

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During the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian earlier this year, the Walt Disney Company made a $1 million+ donation to support recovery efforts in the Bahamas. Through Disney Cruise Line, the recovery funds went towards supporting local non-profits and relief organizations that were at the forefront of the hurricane recovery efforts. Donations were allotted to organizations that included the American Red Cross, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and All Hands and Hearts.

So far, $250,000 from Disney’s relief fund has gone to support the American Red Cross, which is still hard at work providing much needed aid and services to residents of the Bahamas. The American Red Cross has been on the ground throughout the hurricane recovery efforts and through these kinds of contributions they have been able to deliver food to those in need and provide construction support.

In addition to the $250,000 Disney initially donated, employees and Cast Members have been making their own contributions that are being matched 100% by the company through Disney’s Employee Matching Gifts program.

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Credit: Disney

One of the biggest hurdles for residents of the Bahamas who were forced to evacuate is getting their children back in school. As a result, Disney so far has used another $250,000 to support UNICEF’s education funding which provides supplies and support for children and teens in need of psychosocial support following the hurricane.

The Bahamas Ministry of Education along with UNICEF has already registered about 10,000 students whose schooling was interrupted due to Hurricane Dorian. Each student registered under the program will be able to take advantage of medical screenings, assistance with lunch and uniforms, complimentary bus transportation for extra-curricular activities and referrals for counseling.

All Hands and Hearts is the organization that is working most directly with Disney Cruise Line’s Bahamas-based crew members. Disney has issued a $500,00 donation to the organization which works to ensure that immediate relief efforts are met when communities experience natural disasters.

Disney Cruise Line has spent the past couple of months working with all of these organizations by compiling about 1,500 Clean the World personal hygiene kits. (Clean the World is another renowned non-profit organization that has a special focus on providing water, sanitation, and hygiene for residents who become victims of natural disaster, poverty, and homelessness. Many of these kits were delivered to communities in Nassau by the Disney Dream to assist residents in shelters and evacuees from other parts of the Bahamas.

Disney Cruise Line
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Lastly, the Walt Disney Company used the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy to deliver supplies and construction materials to the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama. And another $500,000 in supply and aid has been directed towards assistance for Bahamian employees of Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Cruise Line has had a lasting commitment to supporting the Bahamas even before Hurricane Dorian hit, and the company has recently initiated new conservation efforts during the acquisition of the cruise line’s new private island. While recovery efforts are still underway, Disney plans to continue supporting non-profits in the Bahamas and the company is standing with all of the people affected by Hurricane Dorian.

In addition to continuing to travel to affected areas and supporting local economies through tourism revenues, you can join Disney in supporting the recovery efforts in the Bahamas by donating directly to organizations like the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and All Hands and Hearts.

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