Disney reveals new scenes from “Frozen 2”

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Frozen 2 premieres in theaters on November 22, and Walt Disney Animation Studios has been doing its best to get Frozen fans excited for the upcoming Disney sequel. Some clips from new scenes have been revealed in Disney’s latest look at Frozen 2, giving audiences a taste at what they can expect in the new movie. 

In the one-minute-long clip shared to Walt Disney Animation and Frozen social media accounts on Friday, Disney fans can get a special look at some of the scenes in the upcoming film.

If you couldn’t tell already, it’s clear that Anna and Elsa leave Arendelle in search of some answers in Frozen 2. But like any great adventure, this journey with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The clip starts out in the Enchanted Forest, with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf being questioned who they are by the nomadic Northuldra. It’s a bit shocking to see our favorite  Frozen characters being questioned at weapon-point (and we finally get to see why Anna is wielding an ice sword — for self defense!). But of course, Olaf is there to diffuse the situation.

“I’m Queen Elsa,” our snow queen begins to say, before Olaf interjects with an “I’ve got this!” and begins to tell Anna and Elsa’s story. 

Later in the clip, we hear Elsa admit that she “woke the magical spirits of the Enchanted Forest,” something we’ve been wondering about since we saw the first official Frozen 2 trailer that Disney released.

The clip also shows several of the more intense battle scenes we’re expecting to see in the film: Elsa using her ice powers to combat a raging magenta-colored fire as Olaf cowers beside her, Earth Giants stomping all around the Enchanted Forest, Kristoff fiercely and rapidly riding on Sven’s back through the forest and rescuing Anna in the process. And all during these battle scenes, Anna asks Elsa the question, “Promise me we’ll fix this together, okay?” to which Elsa replies, “I promise.”

If we weren’t already more pumped to see Frozen 2 than any other Disney film this year, then this new clip surely makes the movie seem even better than we expected. You can watch the full clip released today in the Instagram post below:

Are you as excited to see Frozen 2 as we are? Let us know in the comments!

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