Criminal Behavior Spikes at Disney; A Warning for Future Guests

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When visiting Walt Disney World, families with young children often find strollers to be an essential part of their theme park experience. Strollers not only provide a way to transport tired little ones throughout the vast park but also serve as a convenient storage space for all the essentials needed for a day of fun. Walt Disney World welcomes these strollers into the parks, as they are essential for families with young children.

Unfortunately, operating a stroller at Disney does not come without its own risks. In an unfortunate turn of events. guests are now reporting that stroller stealing is on the rise at Walt Disney World Resort. There are a few key things that families should know to avoid this happening to them.

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Stroller Stealing on the Rise?

Stroller parking areas are strategically located throughout the parks, making it simple for families to park their strollers while enjoying attractions and dining experiences without the burden of carrying them around.

Parents can also personalize their strollers with decorations or name tags to easily spot them in the designated parking areas. Overall, strollers at Walt Disney World are not just a convenience but a crucial companion for families to fully enjoy all that the magical resort has to offer.

While stroller parking is very helpful and a necessity for families looking to ride attractions, they can cause issues when it comes to stealing. Disney does have cast members stationed near stroller parking to help keep things in order, but unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify which stroller belongs to which guest.

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For once recent family visiting Disney, their day turned gloomy when a thief stole their stroller entirely. They shared their story on FaceBook, saying:

“At Magic Kingdom today. WARNING people are walking off with strollers. Gotta love when it happens to you. Good thing it only had 2 fans and a water bottle in it. Filled a report with lost and found.
Edit to add: I parked it in a designated parking area and I asked cast members if they moved strollers.”
Fellow guests were shocked to hear that this kind of criminal activity could be happening in the magical land of Walt Disney World Resort. Unfortunately, many commenters agree that this behavior is not unheard of.
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How To Avoid Falling Victim

For many families, strollers are necessary, so skipping purchasing one is off the table entirely. To help prevent stealing, there are a few things that guests can do to help detour being a target from thieves.

First and foremost, it is essential to never leave valuables inside your strollers. While it may be tempting, things like backpacks, phones, and wallets should stay on your body at all times while the stroller is in parking. Another tip is to help make your stroller distinguishable by adding a ribbon, a sign, or a tag on it. Theives may be less likely to steal your item if it has a feature that could be spotted.

Lastly, stealing an air tag or other small racking device into a compartment of the stroller is always a great way to keep track of where your stroller is. As always, it is important to alert guest services is you ever belive your stroller has been stolen inside Walt Disney World Resort.

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