‘The Simpsons’ Receives ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

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Homer Simpson is portrayed with his arms raised in excitement in front of a "Star Wars" styled logo against a starry black background.

Credit: Inside the Magic

It’s no secret that Star Wars has been a cultural sensation since its release in the ’70s. As with nearly all successful media, it’s only a matter of time before The Simpsons parody it.

The Simpsons acquired by Disney
Credit: Disney

There comes a point where getting your likeness or property lampooned by Springfield’s favorite family becomes something of a sign of success. Not only has the popular animated series from 20th Century Fox playfully mocked Disney and Star Wars before the House of Mouse acquired it, but Homer, Marge, and all the rest have continued the tradition long after.

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Not only that, but the Simpsons have been getting away with more animated antics on a Disney-sized budget, and that can clearly be seen in their short films on Disney+. Since it’s Star Wars Day, it’s no surprise that the show would release yet another entry that both honors and mocks the galaxy far, far away. However, as Roger Palmer of  What’s On Disney Plus points out below, they might be a little late to the party.

Episode III: Return of the Simpsons?

Instead of joining in the fun of “May the Fourth be with you,” the creative minds behind The Simpsons have chosen to postpone their contribution until the Friday before Mother’s Day with May the 12th Be With You. A Star Wars Mother’s Day special wasn’t exactly something most of us had on our bingo cards, but it seems fitting considering it would give the Simpsons their own Star Wars trilogy.

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Characters like Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and even Jar Jar Binks have all made appearances in the long-running series, but the upcoming short would mark the third time that the shorts have openly utilized the Star Wars franchise in such a big way. The Force Awakens From Its Nap (2021), and Rogue Not Quite One (2023) lovingly parodied both the films and spinoffs in such a magnificent way that to not make a Simpsons Star Wars trilogy feels like an out of character move.

Where To Next

Maggie Simpson
Credit: Disney

Based on what the report above shared, it seems like Matt Groening is breaking tradition by casting Marge in the lead role as opposed to Maggie, who has previously led the shorts. That said, the idea of the blue-haired matriarch getting swept up on some cosmic adventure has more than enough comedic potential to warrant any fan’s attention.  

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The new short film might be late for the official Star Wars Day Celebrations, but it will hopefully still dazzle and delight moms across the galaxy. May the 12th Be With You launches onto Disney+ May 1o, 2024, and it will hopefully bring a satisfying helping of fan service when it completes The Simpsons’ Star Wars trilogy.

Can Springfield take on the galaxy again? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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