Enough With Rowdy Behavior! Guests Told Off for Disrupting Universal Experience

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Iconic Universal Studios globe with golden "Universal" lettering in front of a fountain, under a clear sky with people displaying bad guest behavior and palm trees around, at the park entrance.

Credit: Universal

Guests are getting increasingly fed up with bad behavior from fellow theme park visitors who don’t know how to be considerate.

It’s an unfortunate reality that there are some guests at any theme park who simply don’t realize there’s a certain decorum and conduct needed in order to maintain an environment that allows everybody to have a good time.

Whether it’s Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida and Disneyland Resort or their prime competitors, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood, these kinds of guests are everywhere, and dampen the excitement of the experience for everyone.

Crowd of people at an amusement park entrance with a large globe sculpture labeled "Universal" overhead, surrounded by colorful buildings and palm trees.
Universal Studios Hollywood / Credit: Republica from Pixabay

Recently, a Universal Park guest took to the social media platform Reddit to share his experience with “rowdy” and disruptive behavior on the part of a guest during the Studio Tour.

The guest explained, “Not Disneyland but universal, on the studio tour with my family when a loud obnoxious family wouldn’t stop talking, they were talking so loud you couldn’t hear the drivers talking points about the tour.”

However, despite this, nobody was calling out the guests on their behavior. He continued, contextualizing that he is quite a big man, and by contrast, his wife is small and “hates confrontations.” So, after asking her permission, he decided to give his fellow guests a piece of his mind.

Universal Studios Hollywood sign. Image by masbebet christianto from Pixabay
Credit: masbebet christianto from Pixabay

He shared, “She gave me the go ahead and I turned back and loudly BUT politely told them to shut up so other people can enjoy the tour since this very well could be their first and last time here. Not a peep for the rest of the tour.” 

The guest shared this anecdote in response to a thread that was asking Disney guests if they would be open to telling fellow guests who are rowdy to behave themselves.

As other Universal Park guests, or for that matter, Disney Parks guests, would know, confronting badly behaved visitors can often be difficult, and so the experience ends up being ruined.

Volunteers standing in front of the Universal Studios Hollywood globe.
Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood / Inside The Magic

Seeing as this is the case, other park-goers and fans shared their appreciation for the man standing up to the rowdy guests and telling them to pipe down.

Have you ever seen this kind of behavior at either the Disney Parks or the Universal theme parks? How did you handle it? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments! 

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