Bad Behavior Continues at Universal, Disney Parks Despite Warning

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A signage inside of Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando

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Reddit again brings up an interesting point on a specific behavior at theme parks. This disruptive behavior remains a significant problem at places Universal Orlando Resort.

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Reddit and Stories of Line Cutting, Line Jumping, and More Disruptive Behaviors From Guests

In today’s online landscape, platforms like Reddit are at the forefront, creating a digital realm where numerous stories come to life. We’ve delved into various events from popular destinations such as Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando Resort. These accounts have unveiled some genuinely extraordinary and disturbing experiences that surprised visitors.

Have you heard this tale that’s making the rounds? A person who works at Disney, known as a Cast Member, had a pretty intense argument with someone from Universal, called a Team Member, right over at Universal Orlando Resort. But amid all these personal stories, one captures your interest: a mom visiting Disney who shared this heart-stopping moment when her kids went AWOL after an enchanting fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.

Reddit - An empty Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando Florida
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Aside from these stories, you hear tales of folks line jumping or attempting to skip the regular line and try and get into the single rider lines on attractions. You might have experienced this yourself, or you might have been one of these guests who thought you could cheat the system and get in the quicker line to get on your favorite ride even faster.

The problem with this is that it never works. The Team Members at Universal or the cast members at Disney will always split up the parties no matter how angry or upset you might get. But some will attempt to beat the system and try their luck, sometimes leading to delays in the attraction or needing someone to come and handle the so-called “entitled” guests.

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The Problem With Guests Attempting to “Cheat” the Single Riders Line

Recently, I covered a Reddit story where a family of 14, yes, you heard that right, 14, attempted to get in the single rider line at Universal Studios Hollywood. An individual posted to the r/UniversalHollywood subreddit page with a story that would anger anyone, especially those who utilize the singer-rider lines for the purpose it was intended – for folks looking to ride the attractions alone. The family got caught immediately but decided to throw a fit the entire time after getting seen by Universal Team Members.

I hope you all get really bad chafing. Blisters. And a weird infection from Jurassic World.

The park is a madhouse today. The biggest family I saw in Single Rider was 14 people. Who of course bitched that they couldn’t be together. I’ve seen people sneak onto a ride with a family member from Single Rider lines.

And the entitlement of these people. I saw a family of 8 come up in the Single Rider Line all with drinks from Starbucks then be assholes when they couldn’t TAKE THEIR DRINKS ON THE MUMMY.

All you people suck.

As an actual Single Rider who gets to come maybe once a year, you suck. All of you suck. Downvote me to hell. I don’t care.

Yes, their words are a little harsh, but imagine waiting a long time to ride an attraction in the single-rider line, only to wait even longer for these individuals who attempted to cheat the system. In another Reddit post, this time coming from the r/UniversalOrlando subreddit page, another guest tells the story of more guests participating in this unruly and disruptive behavior.

So I decided to hop over to the parks yesterday. Everything was normally for single rider line for the usually (Mib, hulk, transformers, even rip ride all walk on). Then gringots happened, this older couple we’re together and the TM called for one they both started walking. TM was like just one and they were like no were together. So I moved in front and hopped on all the while thinking y’all know this smh. The other instance was velicoaster and seeing family’s of 3 or 4 IN SINGLE RIDER LINE!!!. The only joy I got from it was from watching the faces of them seeing the regular line move at a regular pace…..please just hop in regular line in the future smh

– u/whokid987 on Reddit

It can be argued that behavior will likely never end as guests will always feel entitled to assume they are above the rules and regulations of a theme park. But the more attention this subject gets, the more likely someone from the higher-ups in the industry will eventually make this a big deal, big enough to catch the attention of theme parks like Universal Orlando or Walt Disney World Resort.

Do you have a single rider story you’d like to share? Comment in the section down below and let us know.

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