Mysterious Men Appear and Remove Drunken Woman at Disney World

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Guests visiting Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort

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A Disney Guest on Reddit recently shared a scary situation involving a drunken woman, Cast Members, and – men in black.

Reddit - Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Reddit – The Place Where Stories Are Told – Including Theme Park Ones

Disney World is the happiest place on earth. But sometimes, even the most comfortable place on earth experiences some not-so-happy scary and wild moments. Some of those crazy moments involve unfortunate circumstances taking shape and leaving Guests traumatized by the experience. You might have heard of some of these moments. Sometimes a child will get lost throughout the Park and shout to the person next to them to help them find their Mommy. Sometimes you witness a family arguing and verbally fighting amongst themselves. Other times you will experience an actual fistfight taking place and pull your phone out to record the incident and post it onto TikTok or Reddit. Regardless of which experience you might have encountered while walking around the WDW Parks, you’re more than likely to write about it and post it somewhere online for others to see and share their experiences with you.

Guests Are Tired of Getting Stuck on This Disney Attraction
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Reddit seems to be the go-to place for folks to share their stories about events or moments they witnessed while on vacation at one of the Disney Resort Parks. Those stories should be reviewed and taken to heart, and most of them, despite being scary or heart-wrenching, like a father being seen beating his children inside of EPCOT, at times could be learning opportunities. Stories like these might seem like a waste of time to others, but most people will find these encounters to be life-changing or impactful. Recently, a Disney Guest shared a story of when they encountered mysterious men who had to remove a drunk woman from a Hollywood Studios ride located inside Toy Story Land. Here’s what went down.

Reddit - Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios, edited to look like it's raining and represent inclement Walt Disney World weather.
Credit: Inside the Magic

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Disney Guest Removed From Park by Mysterious Men in Black

On the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit thread, a Guest recently disclosed a story where they witnessed a drunken Guest get removed from the attraction as they rode on Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land. In the story, the person was in the fast pass lane as their daughters both have disabilities and DAS. As they sat in the attraction, the person noticed a “highly” drunken woman also waiting in the fast pass line. The person quickly told a nearby Cast Member about the woman’s behavior and sat her children together so as not to sit next to the woman who was drunk. Some time passed, and the woman began to scream and yell, trying to convince the Cast Members that the children sitting in the front were her kids and not the person telling the story. This is when the person witnessed “three men dressed in business casual attire” show up. The person turned to assure her children that everything was going to be okay, which is when she turned back to no longer see the drunken, disorderly woman there anywhere. According to the story, the woman just “disappeared with the guys.” There were suggestions that the men dressed casually were part of Disney Security. But the story ends with no indication of who they were or where they went.

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