Father Brutally Beats Children at Disney World, Authorities Get Involved

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Guests in front of Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort

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Reddit story – A father was reported to Disney officials after Guests watched and witnessed the parent beat their children senselessly inside a Disney World World Park.

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Reddit – The Place to Share All Your Disney Secrets – And Horrible Stories Witnessed in the Parks

Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on earth. But now and then, Guests will witness some crazy and unforgettable moments throughout the Resort Parks. Some of those crazy moments involve unfortunate circumstances taking shape and leaving Guests traumatized by the experience. You might have heard of some of these moments. Sometimes a child will get lost throughout the Park and shout to the person next to them to help them find their Mommy. Sometimes you witness a family arguing and verbally fighting amongst themselves. Other times you will experience an actual fistfight taking place and pull your phone out to record the incident and post it onto TikTok or Reddit. Regardless of which experience you might have encountered while walking around the WDW Parks, you’re more than likely to write about it and post it somewhere online for others to see and share their experiences with you.

Reddit - Guests during the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival
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Reddit seems to be the go-to place for folks to share their stories about events or moments they witnessed while on vacation at one of the Disney Resort Parks. Stories like these might seem like a waste of time to others, but most people will find these encounters to be life-changing or impactful. Recently, a Disney Guest shared a story of when they encountered a father beating their children while inside of EPCOT. The beating was so brutal the father had to be reported to Disney authorities, the report claims.

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Father Caught Beating Children at EPCOT

A Redditor named FileEasy3098 posted to a subreddit recently, r/WaltDisneyWorld, their encounter with a father brutally beating their children at EPCOT. The children were alleged to be around three and five years old. According to the Redditor, the father was beating the kids towards the exit of the aquarium at EPCOT. The Redditor, their wife, and their children witnessed the entire ordeal. The beating was so brutal that one of the children’s sunglasses fell. The aggressive hits continued until the Guest attempted to yell at the father, leading to Disney authorities getting involved after the Guest reported the incident—no word on what happened to the father or the children involved in this terrible incident at EPCOT.

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