Pixar Expansion: Disney Opens Surprise New Immersive ‘Incredibles’ Attraction

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A close-up of a Pixar character with straight black hair, large round glasses, and an unimpressed expression. In the background, a muscular character in a black shirt and blue pants is walking away, slightly out of focus.

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The Walt Disney Company is currently celebrating Pixar Fest, a summer of events and special offers centered around its most critically acclaimed animation studio. In honor of that, Disney has partnered with Airbnb for a new, immersive attraction centered around the beloved Incredibles franchise.

Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, and Violet Parr gasp in front of skyscrapers.
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Pixar Fest

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and Disney California Adventure are hosting Pixar Fest, which the company describes as a “limited-time Celebration of Friendship and Beyond with exciting entertainment and Pixar pals—26 April through August 4, 2024.”

At Disneyland, Pixar Fest is being celebrated through Pixar Fest Character Experiences, featuring limited-time costumed Cast Members, Club Pixar (“At the Hollywood Backlot, feel the magic of Pixar come to life with music, dancing, and more at this high-energy party inspired by the amazing stories from Pixar Animation Studios.”), Pixar Pals Playtime Party, and many more events.

A guest on Pixar Pier decked out in Pixar Fest merchandise
Credit: Disney

But even outside the Disneyland Resort, the Mouse is focused on pushing Pixar Animation Studios content as much as possible. This likely has to do with the imminent premiere of Inside Out 2, the animated film sequel that Disney desperately hopes will be the biggest movie of the year. If there was ever a moment in which Disney needed to make sure that everyone remembered how great Pixar can be, it’s now.

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In hopes of that, Disney has teamed up with Airbnb Icons, a special branding of the homestay company that offers special immersive experiences for customers. Previously, Airbnb retrofitted an entire home as Carl Fredricksen’s (Ed Asner) floating home from Up (2009), but it is not stopping there.

A colorful floating house, lifted by balloons, drifts in a clear blue sky beside a construction crane, reminiscent of a scene from the animated movie "Up"—now an UP-Inspired Airbnb.
Credit: Airbnb

“Behold! My Impeccably-Designed Sanctum!”

Disney and Airbnb are now offering an immersive Guest experience in the home of Edna Mode, the super-suit fashion designer from The Incredibles, voiced by director Brad Bird. A mansion in the Los Angeles area has been remodeled to evoke Edna Mode’s retro-modern home in the films and even offers a special “suit customization” to create a unique superhero costume for Guests, similar to the lightsaber construction feature at Galaxy’s Edge.

A modern, angular house sits atop a grassy hill, featuring large glass windows and minimalist design. Tall, narrow trees line one side of the house, and a sleek car is visible on a winding road leading up the hill. The sky is partly cloudy.
Credit: Pixar

The official Airbnb description of the Incredibles-themed attraction is narrated in the voice of Edna Mode, naturally, welcoming people to her home:

I could never truly retire from Super work, and I’m always looking for the next challenge. So come explore my years of hard work in the world of fashion and glamor, and design a Supersuit of your very own, fit for any adventure. It will be bold! Dramatic! Heroic! But remember—NO CAPES!

What you’ll do
My home is a work of art—chic, minimalist design elegantly paired with state-of-the-art technology. It’s truly a modern masterpiece. Generations of Supers have walked these halls, and now you too can experience the creativity and craftsmanship of a customized Supersuit to take on the world.

Functional meets fabulous in a day curated by the greatest host in the world (ahem, yes, that’s me!)

• Take a look around and make yourself comfortable—you’ll find inspiration in everything from my artwork to my collection of the finest Supersuits, that much is certain.

A modern, spacious living room with large floor-to-ceiling windows offering a scenic view of a green landscape. The room features red furniture, a circular sunken seating area, indoor plants, and a natural rock wall with a fireplace. The sky is blue with scattered clouds.
Credit: Pixar

• As you tour the spacious living area, take a peek at my top-secret sketchbook. Witness the magic and let it inspire you to sketch your own creations.

• Hungry? Of course you are. I have tastefully selected a smorgasbord of hors d’oeuvres and beverages, all available in the kitchen to feed your creativity.

• Head to my lab where my team of expert designers will lead your Supersuit experience.

• Create your one-of-a-kind Supersuit tailored to your unique powers.

• Your suit will arrive by US Post in just a few short weeks. No need to thank me, I know you’ll adore it!

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Forbes published an extensive report on the Edna Mode experience, which is staffed by hosts who apparently take their jobs very seriously:

“It is also notable how very in-character both of Edna’s employees that we met were. They would not acknowledge at any point that they were employed by a fictional character, or that they did not truly live in the world of the film. And indeed they seemed to know how to respond when pressed on the details of the canon. When I asked them if it would be possible to have a cape on my suit they, quickly and accurately, told me that Edna was strictly against capes.”

A Pixar character with a bob haircut and large round glasses smirks confidently while posing with one hand on her chin. She's wearing a black, high-collared outfit with layered, textured sleeves. The background is a blurry cityscape.
Credit: Pixar

In recent years, Disney has been increasingly experimenting with immersive experiences rather than traditional rides and exhibits for its new attractions. While it may not have worked out for, say, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, it seems that Pixar is the next up to bad when it comes to dropping Guests into a whole new world of interactive IP.

The Pixar Edna Mode experience is hosting guided tours in the Los Angeles area, running from June 6 through June 30th by booking request only.

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