CONFIRMED: Brand-New Pixar-Inspired Stay Coming Exclusively to Airbnb

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A whimsical scene with a cartoon rendering of Joy from "Inside Out" next to a classic UFO, set against a backdrop of a rocky waterfall at a Pixar-inspired Airbnb stay.

Credit: Inside the Magic

In an exciting collaboration between Airbnb and Disney/Pixar, a one-of-a-kind stay is taking shape, drawing its inspiration from the highly anticipated film Inside Out 2, due in theaters this summer.

A whimsical scene with a cartoon rendering of Joy from "Inside Out" next to a classic UFO, set against a backdrop of a rocky waterfall at a Pixar-inspired Airbnb stay.
Credit: Inside the Magic

This groundbreaking partnership has resulted in a whimsical space yet to be fully revealed that promises to transport visitors into the colorful world of emotions depicted in the beloved animated film series.

Immersive Design & An Exciting Stay Inspired by “Inside Out 2”

The Airbnb Icons Series is the company’s newest testament to its commitment to creativity and innovation. The series features various housing types and stays aimed at being “extraordinary experiences hosted by the world’s greatest names in music, film, TV, art, sports, and more.”

Homes and stays in the series include unique design concepts that allow fans of different films, franchises, and other entertainment offerings to immerse themselves in those stories.

A vibrant, Barbie-themed pink mansion with a pool spelling "KEN" is surrounded by lush greenery, featuring various outdoor play areas and elaborate decorations.
Credit: Airbnb

In the past, the series has included a Shrek-inspired stay, a Barbie House (Ken-style), and others. Recently, however, Airbnb and Disney/Pixar have announced a collaboration that has resulted in stays inspired by Pixar films. In New Mexico, a new Airbnb Icons Series stay was constructed in just three weeks–and it floats!

A cozy home interior with a wooden staircase lined with framed photographs and paintings. A vacuum cleaner and two green oxygen tanks rest near the wall.
Credit: Airbnb

If you’re thinking of Pixar’s 2009 film UP, you’re right. The new home actually floats with the help of a giant crane, but Airbnb promises the safety of guests who book a stay in Carl and Ellie’s abode..

Aerial view of a desert landscape with the large shadow of a hot air balloon cast over the textured terrain, featuring sparse vegetation and undulating hills.
Credit: Airbnb

A Brand-New Stay Inspired by Pixar’s Upcoming ‘Inside Out 2’

Later this summer, Disney/Pixar and the Airbnb Icons Series will debut a new stay inspired by Pixar’s Inside Out 2, slated for a June 14th theatrical debut.

The host of the home invites guests to “sleep in a dream-atorium whether you’re feeling joyful or anxious” and to “control Riley’s emotion panel” with “fun-tastic levers and buttons to adjust Riley’s mood.” Per Airbnb, some old pals, including Anger–and new ones, including Anxiety–will also be part of the fun of the new stay, located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Colorful hot air balloons float above a river with a rocky shoreline, near a bridge connecting to buildings resembling a European-style village, under a clear blue sky.
Pagosa Springs, Colorado/Credit:
A message from the host, Joy, reads:
I’m SO excited for you to join my friends at Team Riley Headquarters. It’s exactly how you remember, just way more awesome with more levers and slots. I just know we’re gonna have the most EPIC time EVER. Hope you like making new friends ‘cause it’s going to be a full house when some of Riley’s new emotions join the party. More to come! I’m doing a happy dance just thinking about it!
Joy cheering as the other emotions look on
Credit: Pixar

The new Airbnb rental property, which won’t be available until June 2024, will likely be nearly impossible to differentiate from images made popular by Pixar’s Inside Out franchise, though fans will have to wait and see, as Disney/Pixar and Airbnb have yet to release images of the exterior or interior of Team Riley Headquarters in Colorado.

Fans are counting, however, on the new stay featuring a design concept that mirrors the vibrant aesthetic of the beloved Pixar film franchise. Here’s hoping guests are immediately greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors and playful decor elements that evoke the essence of the film’s beloved characters, including Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

Inside Out 2 characters showing varied emotions inside a colorful, futuristic setting, with Joy looking surprised, Fear anxious, Anger yelling, Disgust annoyed, and Sadness apprehensive.
Credit: Pixar

Hmmm. Perhaps Anger could find another place to stay . . . ?

Interactive Experiences and Emotionally-Charged Rooms

Visitors to the Airbnb Icon Series’ Headquarters inspired by Pixar’s Inside Out 2 can count on enjoying a truly immersive experience, and if this stay is anything like Carl and Ellie’s Airbnb house, it will likely include rooms that have been meticulously themed to reflect different emotions and/or locations from the film.

Five animated characters are looking out at a vibrant, whimsical cityscape filled with various imaginative structures resembling a dreamland, during twilight. (From Inside Out)
Credit: Pixar

Whether it’s the exuberance of Joy’s room, the contemplative atmosphere of Sadness’s sanctuary, or the fiery intensity of Anger’s domain, every space will likely be designed to evoke a specific mood and spark the imagination of fans of all ages.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation

In keeping with the spirit of Disney and Pixar’s groundbreaking animation, the Airbnb Inside Out 2-inspired stay will probably also integrate cutting-edge technology and innovative design elements throughout. Would it really be inspired by Pixar if it didn’t?

Joy carrying memories in Inside Out
Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

For now, however, Inside Out fans will have to wait for the grand reveal of images of the new stay. Will it look like a traditional home on the outside? Or will it look more like other elements and structures found in the film? Only time will tell.

As this is still a developing–and very exciting–story, more information about this Airbnb stay will be shared as it becomes available.

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