Disney Confirms Monumental Change With ‘Inside Out 2’ Prior to Release

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Sadness, Joy. Disgust, Fear, and Anger looking scared in Inside Out 2

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

A massive change occurred for Disney and Pixar ahead of Inside Out 2’s official release.

Animated characters from the movie "inside out" with joy in the center, surrounded by sadness, anger, and disgust, in a colorful setting, expressing a range of emotions.
Credit: Pixar

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The Walt Disney Company has a lot of exciting projects releasing soon, with several films poised to dominate the box office this summer. In July, audiences will be treated to the return of everyone’s favorite wisecracking anti-hero, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, as he joins forces with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Deadpool & Wolverine marks the first time Deadpool will officially affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is shaping up to be one of Disney and Marvel Studios’ most important and anticipated films of all time. The MCU will continue to grow and become more exciting in 2025, with films like Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts* and The Fantastic Four all on the horizon.

However, there’s far more in store this summer than superhero films, with Disney set to release the long-awaited sequel to the iconic Pixar film Inside Out. This world-renowned animated film took both Disney and Pixar to new heights, becoming a financial and critical success. Inside Out 2 releases June 14, 2024, marking almost a decade between the two films, and excitement could not be any higher.

However, it was recently confirmed that Inside Out 2 will break a massive record for Pixar and The Walt Disney Company.

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Inside Out 2 follows the first film’s events, seeing the emotion-filled Riley becoming a teenager. Parents should know that Inside Out 2 will focus on many more teenager-specific problems, with Riley going through puberty in the film.

As a result, new emotions will be featured in the film, with the cast and the animation team growing to new heights. According to The WrapPixar assembled the largest team of animators the company had ever seen, with producer Mark Nielson stating Inside Out 2 utilized a total of 150 animators.

This is a massive and record-breaking number for both Disney and Pixar. Inside Out 2 features an all-star cast, with some of Hollywood’s most up-and-coming names breathing life into these new emotions. Maya Hawke will play Anxiety, who is described as a jittery live-wire. Ayo Edebiri will play Envy, Adèle Exarchopoulos will play Ennui, and Paul Walter Hauser will play Embarrassment.

This list of new emotions will join the now-iconic cast featured in the first film, with Amy Poehler reprising her role as Joy, Phyllis Smith returning as Sadness, and Lewis Black returning for Anger. Fear and Disgust will also be returning, though the characters’ original voice actors have been replaced. Fear, who Bill Hader originally portrayed, will now be played by Tony Hale. Liza Lapira replaces Mindy Kaling as Disgust.

Inside Out 2 characters showing varied emotions inside a colorful, futuristic setting, with Joy looking surprised, Fear anxious, Anger yelling, Disgust annoyed, and Sadness apprehensive.
Credit: Pixar

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There’s no denying just how monumental Inside Out 2 is and will be for Pixar, with the size of the animation team marking a first for the company. Future films from the studio will undoubtedly continue to grow in size and scale, requiring more dedicated and passionate animators as a result.

Fans can expect to see Pixar’s typical silliness and clever gags, but director Kelsey Mann has stated that at its core, Inside Out 2 tackles something every fan has felt in their lifetime.

“The film is all about acceptance,” she said. It is about learning to love who you are despite your flaws. You don’t need to be perfect to be loved. That is the foundation of the film.”

Are you excited about Inside Out 2? What’s your favorite Pixar film?

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