‘Inside Out 2’ Star Breaks Silence on Fate of Iconic Disney Franchise

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Inside Out 2 characters showing varied emotions inside a colorful, futuristic setting, with Joy looking surprised, Fear anxious, Anger yelling, Disgust annoyed, and Sadness apprehensive.

Credit: Pixar

A star of Disney Pixar’s upcoming Inside Out 2 broke her silence regarding the future of the franchise.

Animated characters from the movie "inside out" with joy in the center, surrounded by sadness, anger, and disgust, in a colorful setting, expressing a range of emotions.
Credit: Pixar

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There’s no denying that Disney has quite a few incredibly exciting films set to release over the next year, with this summer’s Deadpool & Wolverine being one of the most anticipated Marvel entries in recent memory. This film marks the very first time Deadpool will officially affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is shaping up to be one of Disney and Marvel Studios’ most important and anticipated films of all time.

The MCU will continue to grow and become more exciting in 2025, with films like Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts* and The Fantastic Four all on the way as well. However, there’s plenty to enjoy for fans of animation, with Inside Out 2, the sequel to the smash-hit 2015 film also releasing this summer.

Inside Out 2 will be released on June 14, 2024, marking almost a decade between the two films, and excitement could not be higher. Ahead of its release, comedy icon Amy Poehler is sharing her thoughts on the franchise’s future, indicating that even more sequels could be on the way.

Joy about to hug Anxiety in the control room
Credit: Pixar

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Per Empire, Poehler thinks it just makes sense to continue Disney’s Inside Out series every few years. “I just think that they should make these films like Seven Up every couple of years in Riley’s life,” says Poehler.

This is certainly an interesting idea for both Disney and Pixar, who have both returned to fan-favorite franchises years later, such as Incredibles 2 (2018) and Finding Dory (2016). However, with Inside Out, Disney has a very unique opportunity to show audiences Riley’s life as she grows up and encounters all kinds of new emotions.

“A young adult, a young mother, and I think a middle-aged person—everyone’s having these very distinct new emotions that are showing up all the time.”

Four Ennui (Adèle Exarchopoulos), Embarrassment (Paul Walter Hauser), Anxiety (Maya Hawke), and Envy (Ayo Edebiri) in Inside Out 2 characters showing varying emotions and styles plus colorful backgrounds: blue drenched and sad, pink and surprised, orange and quirky, and purple and dreamy.
Credit: Pixar

Inside Out 2 follows the first film’s events, seeing the emotion-filled Riley become a teenager. It features an all-star cast, with some of Hollywood’s most up-and-coming names breathing life into these new emotions. Maya Hawke will play Anxiety, who is described as a jittery livewire. Ayo Edebiri will play Envy, Adèle Exarchopoulos will play Ennui, and Paul Walter Hauser will play Embarrassment.

There’s no denying just how monumental Inside Out 2 will be and already is for both Disney and Pizar. The original film smashed box office records and became a cultural phenomenon, with the sequel primed for the same level of success.

Are you excited about Inside Out 2? What’s your favorite animated Disney film?

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