New Movie Plot Replaces ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Story Three Months Before Expected Release

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Deadpool sits down and reads from a piece of paper

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Three months before Deadpool & Wolverine will be released, Marvel Studios just confirmed what is going on with the upcoming movie.

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Deadpool & Wolverine is set to be released on July 26, 2024. As the first R-rated movie in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, all eyes will be on how the franchise caters to the Merc with a Mouth. Following Deadpool (2016) and Deadpool 2 (2018), Shawn Levy’s Deadpool & Wolverine sees Ryan Reynolds step back into his superhero suit and team up with the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to–in Wade Wilson’s words–change the cinematic universe forever.

The upcoming MCU movie is the only one Kevin Feige’s studio will release this year. Following an aggressive restructuring across its film and television business, Marvel is shifting course on how it develops and produces its projects. Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation Brad Winderbaum told ComicBook in March 2024 that Marvel’s “new system” will follow a more traditional approach: projects may be developed but never produced.

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This big shift in how Marvel programs its slate came after an overstuffed Phase Four and poor reception to the beginnings of Phase Five. The realignment and streamlining of the MCU can be attributed to a number of factors. Notably, the box office performance of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) and The Marvels (2023), as well as the unreliable output of Disney+ shows and the creative reset of Daredevil: Born Again, ushered in the biggest changes.

But the largest change may actually happen right in front of fans’ eyes as Levy’s Deadpool & Wolverine is said to restructure the Multiverse and potentially reboot much of the MCU. Now, the Deadpool & Wolverine plot has been revealed, replacing an older version of the story that was shared months ago.

High Res version of a BTS photo of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3
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Revealed in the official concept art book of the film, “Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine: The Art of the Movie” (2024), the synopsis clarifies how Reynolds’ Wade Wilson ends up coming out of retirement.

“After some professional disappointments and an ongoing midlife crisis, Wade Wilson now sells used cars. He’s completely hung up his boots until his family, friends, and whole world are threatened,” the synopsis reads (via Comic Book Movie). “With everyone he loves at risk, DP teams up with a reluctant Wolverine to fight for their survival and, ultimately, their legacy.”

A heart made with Deadpool and Wolverine's hands
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This plot is different from the one that surfaced earlier this year, which read (via Comic Book Movie):

“After facing some professional setbacks while going through a midlife crisis, Wade Wilson decides to officially retire Deadpool and becomes a used car salesman. But when his friends, family, and the whole world are at stake, Deadpool decides to bring his katanas out of retirement. He recruits an unwilling and wary Wolverine to not only fight for their survival but, ultimately, their legacy.”

Deadpool with the iconic red and black mask, armed with swords on their back, posing confidently.
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There have been a number of rumors and theories about how Deadpool & Wolverine will play out. Two of the most important relate to the mechanics of the Multiverse. The first sees the MCU film introduce an element called “The Anchor,” which reportedly means that once a character from a different universe is killed in the Battleworld-style/Void area, their own universe ceases to exist. The second is that the film will apparently spend 70-75% of its time inside the Void, paving the way for many Variant cameos.

The likes of Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios and Aaron Standford as John Allerdyce/Pyro, from Daredevil (2003) and the X-Men series, respectively, have been confirmed, as has the inclusion of multiple Deadpool Variants. Per a recent merchandise reveal, Deadpool & Wolverine will not only include Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool but also Dogpool, Kidpool, Headpool, and Babypool. The actors/voices behind these characters have not yet been confirmed.

Deadpool sits down and reads from a piece of paper
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Also rumored to appear is Lady Deadpool. Names like Blake Lively and Taylor Swift have been floated to star in the film, with Lady Deadpool being a character that either could star as. However, rumors have also swirled over the last few months that Taylor Swift, a close friend of Ryan Reynolds and Black Lively, will appear as Dazzler in the Marvel movie.

There is, of course, no confirmation of this, even after Reynolds, Lively, and Jackman all attended a football game together. Dazzler is a musician in the Marvel Comics, which has only added fuel to the Taylor Swift fire. An easter egg in Episode 4 of X-Men ’97 also leaned into the chatter by saying Dazzler was unavailable because she had a gig–Taylor Swift is currently on her career-defining The Eras Tour. It very much seems like Deadpool & Wolverine is building intrigue in the same way Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) did, and that the possibility of endless cameos will most likely see an influx of viewers at the movie theater–something the MCU desperately needs.

Taylor Swift in promotional shot for The Eras Tour
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Looking past Deadpool & Wolverine, Marvel Studios will release four movies in 2025: Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts*, The Fantastic Four, and Blade. With just one sequel heading to the big screen in the coming years, it seems Kevin Feige’s studio has heeded Disney CEO Bob Iger’s 2023 comments about whether audiences need to see multiple sequels about the same characters.

Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova (Charles Xavier’s evil twin sister), Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Rob Delaney as Peter, Matthew Macfadyen as TVA agent Paradox, Karan Soni as Dopinder, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Aaron Stanford as John Allerdyce/Pyro, and Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios. Shawn Levy is directing from a script by Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Zeb Wells, and himself.

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