Paramedics Flood Magic Kingdom After Space Mountain Accident Leaves Woman With Brain Injury

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Space Mountain at sunset at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Space Mountain, a thrilling roller coaster ride located in Disney World, is a must-visit attraction for all adrenaline junkies and space enthusiasts. This iconic ride, situated in the heart of Magic Kingdom, is a testament to Walt Disney’s vision of combining entertainment with futuristic themes. As guests embark on this space voyage, they are transported to a galaxy far, far away, thanks to the innovative design and immersive experience created by Disney Imagineers.

The concept of Space Mountain revolves around the idea of space travel, with guests boarding spacecraft-like vehicles to soar through the cosmos. The excitement builds as the ride picks up speed, navigating through twists, turns, and sudden drops in a thrilling fashion. The darkness adds an extra element of surprise, enhancing the sensation of speed and the feeling of venturing into the unknown.

The ride is known for being fast, thrilling, and oftentimes one of Disney’s more bumpy rides. While the attraction usually has a great reception from fans, unfortunately, one guest’s experience was less than magical.

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Three riders sit in their vehicle preparing to ride Space Mountain
Credit: Disney

Iconic Ride Causes Unfortunate Injury

With its iconic futuristic design and space-themed elements, Space Mountain appeals to guests of all ages. The ride offers a perfect blend of sensory stimulation and exhilarating adventure, making it a favorite among visitors to Disney parks worldwide. From the starry ceilings to the glowing lights simulating stars and galaxies, every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the overall experience.

Unfortunately, one guest’s recent experience at this attraction took a less-than-magical turn when a mechanical error left her with a brain injury. According to the victim’s partner, they were riding the attraction in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort when the ride vehicle unexpectedly jolted. The poster says:

“For sure. My partner was seated properly with the lap bar pulled down tightly across her waist but, at some point during the ride, the ride car decelerated suddenly and then accelerated again in a way she was unable to anticipate. Her neck snapped backward and she hit the back of her head against an un-cushioned part of the ride car chassis. We both know Space Mountain has a reputation for being rough, but it felt like a rougher ride than normal.”

A futuristic-themed structure featuring colorful planetary models and a rotating observation deck stands prominent in a bustling Disney Park. Enthusiastic fans walk around the base, while trees and greenery accentuate the modern architecture.
Credit: Becky Burkett

First Aid and Paramedics Arrive on Scene

After the incident, Disney cast members were immediately able to get to work and provide this guest aid for her concussion. While she did end up needing to go to a hospital, the aid they received helped de-escalate the situation. The full post says:

“Hi, all! My partner and I just returned from a trip to the resort and, while we had a lot of fun, she suffered a concussion while riding Space Mountain which necessitated a trip to the emergency room. She is doing alright now, but in discussing the incident, we continually remark on the professionalism and thoughtfulness of the medical staff at Magic Kingdom and the two paramedics from RCFD who stabilized and transported my partner and me to the hospital.

We’ve since sent our compliments to the First Aid cast members, but we were wondering if there is any way we may be able to find out the names of the paramedics who helped her, if only to send our heartfelt thanks for their assistance. We hope to never need their help again, but I’m confident that we’ll be in good hands if the situation ever again arises.”

While this story is incredibly unfortunate for all involved, it is heartwarming to hear that Disney Cast members really went above and beyond to provide the needed emergency care to this guest. During a time of need, Disney and CFTOD really went above and beyond in doing their jobs.

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