Disney’s New ‘Goofy Movie’ Releases New Details and Premiere

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Goofy and Max doing the I2I moves

Credit: Disney

Regarding Disney’s animated classics, one of the biggest unsung heroes has to be A Goofy Movie (1995). Easily one of the studio’s biggest cult classics, the road trip movie with Goofy and Max is about to make a comeback in an unexpected way.

Goofy and his son Max Goof walking together and smiling in a scene from 'A Goofy Movie'
Credit: Disney

Bill Farmer and Jim Cummings, the voice actors for Goofy and Pete and icons of Disney animation, previously revealed that the beloved chunk of ’90s nostalgia would be getting a new film in the form of Not Just a Goof. The new Disney doc from director Christopher Ninness features interviews with the cast, crew, and creatives behind one of Disney’s sleeper hits, but it goes far beyond the standard behind-the-scenes story.

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Disney Television Animation recently shared new concepts and updates that explore Goofy, Goof Troop, and the legion of fans who continue to make the animated feature such a hit even decades later. The passion project that unites both the fans and creative forces involved received a new development, per Disney TVA’s website, and many viewers might be missing out on the next Goofy Movie chapter.

Not Just a Goof  Gets Exclusive Launch

A group of people posing together in an indoor setting. The photo, labeled "Goofy Movie" Crew 3/9/93, is framed on a blackboard-like background. The group appears to be a mix of men and women, some holding papers, standing and smiling at the camera—capturing the joy of their Disney premiere moment.
Credit: Disney Television Animation

Per Disney Television Animation’s website, the following was shared about Not Just a Goof’s status and condition.

“Disney Vacation Club Members on Disney Cruise Line got a WIP screening of the upcoming documentary “NOT JUST A GOOF.” The upcoming documentary explores the definitive behind-the-scenes story of Disney Television Animation’s cult classic theatrical film ‘A GOOFY MOVIE.’

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The announcement also displayed photos, concept art, and poster art for the project. Additionally, the update also included the following synopsis that revealed more details into the film’s subject matter, as well as original cast members reuniting after nearly 30 years.

“‘NOT JUST A GOOF’ follows a ragtag group of artists from Disney TVA in their Disney Movie Toons theatrical sub-division yearning for an opportunity to prove that they could do more while they undeniably do just that, the film also pinpoints the ever-changing studio dynamic of this era, with Katzenberg being ousted while A Goofy Movie was still in production.”

“NOT JUST A GOOF features insight from ‘A Goofy Movie’ with director Kevin Lima, producer Dan Rounds, story supervisor Brian Pimental, screenwriter Jymn Magon, as well voice actors Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, Jenna von Oÿ and Powerline’s VA Tevin Campbell.”

Beyond A Goofy Movie

Goofy dancing in A Goofy Movie khleo thomas
Credit: Disney

The new film might still be in the developmental stages, but the recent update reveals much more than some realize. Not only are the original cast members returning, but so are the production team and collection of Disney artists who worked during what many consider to be Disney’s finest era.

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At the time of writing, the film has no set release date, but it might be safe to assume that it will eventually join other Disney documentaries on Disney+, like Frank and Ollie (1995) and Howard (2018), for our streaming pleasure. Either way, the film will undoubtedly be a revealing and intimate look at one of the studio’s hidden gems.

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