Disney Drops ‘Doctor Who’: Space Babies, Bogeymen, and Beyond

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A group of space babies in a futuristic setting, each secured in individual high-tech bassinets with monitoring equipment, looking attentively in various directions.

Credit: BBC/Disney+

Since the partnership with BBC was announced last year, Disney+ is shaping to be the place for Doctor Who. Not only has the magical streaming service brought David Tennant back to his most iconic role as the Tenth Doctor in last year’s Christmas specials, but it will also be the premiere platform for the new season.

The Doctor with his companion, Ruby Sunday.
Credit: BBC/BadWolf

Disney’s Doctor Who stars Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the Fifteenth Doctor and his new companion, Ruby Sunday, as they embark on a new series of adventures in the TARDIS across the fabric of time and space. While most fans are likely used to episodes concerning space colonies, alternative timelines, Daleks, and Cybermen, Disney’s variant seems to give old and new fans a user-friendly entry point with this brand-new season.

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Although Gatwa’s Doctor first kicked things off with “The Church on Ruby Road,” “Space Babies” marks his and Ruby’s first interstellar adventure. Speaking as a longtime fan of the show, this writer can undoubtedly attest to an immediate creative shift in a familiar setting. While the BBC still holds the keys to the TARDIS, Disney’s quality is definitely noticeable with this new regeneration.

WARNING: Spoilers for “Space Babies” Beyond this Point!

 Doctor Who with a Disney Budget

Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor, wearing an open white shirt
Credit: BBC

At first glance, Doctor Who under Disney’s Mickey Mitts might give some fans a reason to start clutching their pearls, but its presence on Disney+ allows a whole demographic of newer watchers to get into the series. Even without knowledge of the previous specials, “Space Babies” acts as a springboard for fans of any level to get into the series.

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Penned by the iconic Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, “Space Babies” introduces the Doctor and Ruby to a space station populated by hyper-intelligent babies trying to fend off a terrifying Bogeyman lurking in the station’s lower decks. Like something out of a Disney Animation production, the episode embraces the ludicrous and goes over the top with its weird flavor.

Taking a page from something like Gravity Fallsthe series embraces the monster of the week formula it always has, but there’s something inherently cartoony about talking babies and a monster made out of boogers. That’s not to say the Doctor hasn’t encountered weirder beings, such as killer robot Santas or monkey-Cybermen-hybrids, but there’s an undeniable change from the traditional atmosphere.

Has the Doctor Been Disneyfied?

The Doctor and Ruby Sunday arrive on Disney+
Credit: Inside the Magic

Longtime fans of the show will know that each new regeneration of the Doctor has its own distinct flavor. From the wizened original William Hartnell to the eccentric and alien Tom Baker to the rebellious Peter Capaldi, there is a Doctor for every kind of fan, and everyone has their favorite. Ncuti Gatwa’s flamboyant and fun Fifteenth Doctor is a warm and welcoming addition to the timeline, and he’s bound to have his own slew of fans.

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Disney+’s new variant might not be as madcap as David Tennant or as classic as the originals from the ’60s, but his arrival will undoubtedly result in a new generation of fans flocking to their screens. Additionally, the new series seems to be upping the ante with its villains and going over the top with some of its storylines. All the more reason to tune in for another cosmic joy ride with our favorite madman in the big blue box.

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