Disney World’s Surprise Move: Blocks Out Thousands Amid Peak Season Chaos

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A hand holds a white sign with "SOLD OUT" written in red letters against a vibrant background of colorful fireworks illuminating the night sky above a Disney fantasy castle.

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Sorry, folks. If you want to visit the Magic Kingdom at Disney World for an exclusive event and spend hours with fewer crowds and more fun, you’ll have to figure something else out. Here’s what we know.

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Magic Kingdom at Disney World Sold Out for Remaining Exclusive Evenings, Updates Given

Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom has sold out for its final night of the 2024 event on June 27. The $165 Disney After Hours event on June 27 is the fourth sold-out date at Magic Kingdom in 2024. All other upcoming events at EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios remain available. On event nights, guests get an extra three hours at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT.

Attendees of these separately ticketed events can enjoy more time on attractions, character meet-and-greets, and unlimited complimentary snacks, including select beverages. Disney After Hours pricing for summer 2024 ranges from $145 to $175, with a $30 discount for DVC members and Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

For Disney’s Hollywood Studios, prices and dates are as follows: January 10 ($155, $125 for Passholders/DVC), January 24 ($165, $135), February 21 ($175, $145 – SOLD OUT), February 26 ($175, $145), March 13 ($175, $145 – SOLD OUT), March 20 ($175, $145), March 27 ($175, $145 – SOLD OUT), April 3 ($175, $145), April 10 ($175, $145), May 22 ($175, $145), May 29 ($175, $145), June 12 ($165, $135), June 19 ($165, $135), June 26 ($165, $135), July 10 ($165, $135), July 17 ($165, $135), July 24 ($155, $125), July 31 ($155, $125), August 7 ($155, $125), August 14 ($145, $115), August 21 ($145, $115), and August 29 ($145, $115).

A young woman and a child wearing festive headbands with large bows and ears smile joyously while looking at something in the distance at Disney Hollywood Studios during the night. The warm light illuminates their faces, creating a cozy and delightful atmosphere.
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At EPCOT, the dates and pricing are February 2 ($149, $119 for Passholders/DVC), February 8 ($149, $119), February 15 ($159, $129), March 7 ($159, $129), March 28 ($159, $129 – SOLD OUT), April 4 ($159, $129 – SOLD OUT), April 25 ($159, $129), May 9 ($159, $129), May 23 ($159, $129), May 30 ($159, $129), June 6 ($149, $119), June 20 ($149, $119), and July 18 ($149, $119).

For Magic Kingdom, the schedule is January 11 ($155, $125 for Passholders/DVC), January 15 ($165, $135), January 22 ($165, $135), February 1 ($165, $135), February 5 ($165, $135), February 12 ($175, $145), February 29 ($175, $145 – SOLD OUT), March 4 ($175, $145), March 18 ($175, $145), April 8 ($175, $145), April 22 ($175, $145), April 29 ($175, $145), May 13 ($165, $135 – SOLD OUT), June 13 ($165, $135 – SOLD OUT), and June 27 ($165, $135 – SOLD OUT).

The sell-out of Disney After Hours events at Magic Kingdom means that guests planning to visit during the summer should anticipate higher demand and potentially crowded conditions. Those interested in experiencing the After Hours events should quickly secure tickets for available dates at EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as these exclusive events provide extended access to attractions, character interactions, and complimentary snacks in a less crowded environment.

A smiling family of four takes a selfie at night in front of the brightly lit castle at Disney Hollywood Studios. The father holds the camera, while the mother and two boys stand close together, all wearing casual attire. The background glows with colorful lights, creating a festive atmosphere.
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For Disney World guests in general, the popularity of these events highlights the growing trend of premium, limited-capacity experiences, which offer a unique and enhanced way to enjoy the parks beyond regular hours. Therefore, planning and being flexible with dates and park choices will be crucial for guests looking to make the most of their Disney World visit during peak seasons.

Guests should plan and purchase tickets as soon as they become available to better prepare for Disney After Hours event nights and avoid disappointment from sold-out dates. Staying informed about ticket release dates through Disney’s official website, newsletters, and social media channels is essential. Guests can also consider setting up alerts or reminders for when ticket sales open.

Additionally, exploring discounts for DVC members and Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can save costs and incentivize early booking. For those with flexible travel plans, having backup dates and being open to attending After Hours events at EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios can increase the chances of securing tickets. Proactive planning and timely action are crucial to ensuring a spot at these highly sought-after events.

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