Dick Van Dyke Cuts Retirement at 98 Years Old

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Dick Van Dyke after he leapt onto the desk in Mary Poppins Returns

Credit: Disney

If you’re a hardcore Disney fan or have simply been around a TV set in the last century, chances are you’ve had some experience with the legendary Dick Van Dyke. With a career spanning over 70 years, the beloved actor of screen and stage is still one of the most active members of Hollywood’s golden age, and he’s not finished yet.

Dick Van Dyke with coal on his face in 'Mary Poppins.'
Credit: Disney

Known for The Dick Van Dyke Show, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and of course Mary PoppinsVan Dyke has a laundry list of roles that have made him a prolific performer for decades. After an extensive career in multiple mediums, he recently shared that he’s still not ready to hang up his dancing shoes.

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A recent report from Deadline shared an interview with the iconic performer, who shared an exciting life update. Just after celebrating his 98th birthday and special TV event on CBS, Van Dyke shared how he would “never retire” and expressed interest in taking his act on the road in a new production.

Dick Van Dyke Announces One-Man Show

Dick Van Dyke posing with the Dapper Dans at Disneyland
Credit: Drew Tablak via Facebook

Dick Van Dyke is a comedy and acting legend living by the rule of “never too old to be young,” and that has been clearly represented in much of his most recent material. Van Dyke is still a very active performer who still sings, dances, and gets on stage. However, Deadline shares what might lie on his horizon.

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The report reads,

“The 98-year-old has had some time to grapple with the idea. As the star of cultural touchstones from The Dick Van Dyke Show to Mary Poppins to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Diagnosis Murder, Van Dyke has been on screen for as long as almost everybody can remember. He received his first lifetime achievement award 30 years ago. The legend label is not new. Perhaps he struggles to accept it because it implies a finality, that your work is complete and you’re now a part of the past, not the present. Van Dyke does not consider himself done. ‘I’d still like to do a one-man show,’ he says. ‘Cary Grant did it. And Gregory Peck. Went on the road and talked about their careers. ‘I think it’d be fun.'”

While the idea of an actor simply lecturing about their career might sound like an absolute drag to some, that’s not the case with Dick Van Dyke. With his electric and eccentric personality, to hear the Disney Legend share some of his stories, songs, and musings over his 70 year career would be a stage phenomenon.

On with the Show!

Dick Van Dyke as Bond
Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

Given the actor’s performance pedigree, there’s no doubt that a potential show led by Van Dyke would be a sold-out hit. Moreover, he is clearly more than capable of holding his own.

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Van Dyke states that he has no intention of ever retiring. Having recently come off a guest appearance on Days of Our Lives as his first “old guy” role (his words), he is still appearing in both film and television. A stage show really wouldn’t be out of the question.

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