Mary Poppins Reminds Guest at EPCOT to Hide Questionable Prop During Photo

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Mary Poppins actress on the right and spaceship earth EPCOT sign on the left

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In the heart of EPCOT’s United Kingdom pavilion, visitors are treated to a whimsical experience featuring the beloved character Mary Poppins. This delightful attraction brings to life the magic of the classic film in a way that enchants guests of all ages. As guests step into the United Kingdom pavilion, they are transported back to 1965, when Mary Poppins and her friend Bert take them on a magical journey through song and dance.

Mary Poppins with children on a rooftop
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Meeting beloved characters like Mary Poppins at EPCOT can create lasting memories for guests of all ages. With her iconic umbrella and cheery disposition, Mary Poppins brings a touch of whimsy to the United Kingdom pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

As you stroll through the picturesque streets of the United Kingdom, keep an eye out for Mary Poppins gracefully interacting with guests. Whether she’s engaging in playful banter or posing for photos, every encounter with Mary Poppins is sure to sprinkle a bit of magic into your day.

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Famously played by Julie Andrew in the 1965 film and then recast by Emily Blunt in 2019, Mary Poppins is about as Disney as it gets. This makes bumping into her character around Walt Disney World an extra special experience, as the story of the magical British nanny seems to transcend time and register with guests of all ages.

What’s great about meeting Mary Poppins in the UK Pavilion around the World Showcase is that she isn’t a masked character. This means that she can verbally interact with guests at EPCOT, and she, never being one who is short for words, often does, creating memorable experiences for guests who get the chance to see her and grab a photo.

Mary Poppins attraction EPCOT
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Speaking of photos, don’t forget to capture the moment with one or an autograph to cherish the memory of meeting this beloved Disney character at one of the most enchanting theme parks on earth. Often, Mary is more than happy to oblige, but as one EPCOT guest and Mary Poppins fan discovered, the prim and proper nanny, being practically perfect, will insist that your photo is the same.

Recently, upon a visit to EPCOT, Reddit user @RampageNate discovered that Mary, even outside of the film, maintains her high expectation of perfectness, and photo opportunities are nonetheless. Nate writes that while visiting, he, like many of us at EPCOT, was walking around with an alcoholic beverage when he stumbled upon Mary Poppins entertaining guests in the park. However, before taking a photo with Nate, Mary had one stern yet obvious request.

Got schooled by Ariel
byu/DrPeterVankman inWaltDisneyWorld

“Same experience at Epcot. Doing the world tour and had a Moosehead Lager. Kids wanted a family picture with Mary Poppins. Before my buddy snapped the pic, she asked if I would “kindly conceal your juice, sir”

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That’s right, she asked him to conceal his “juice,” obviously referring to his alcoholic drink. As is Mary Poppins, everything must be tip-top if you plan to grab a photo with her. And don’t think you’re going to be sneaky and get away with it. In the same thread, other users noted how accurately quick-whited Mary Poppins can be at Walt Disney World. User @palabear recounted an impressive story regarding Poppins, one that left our mouths wide open!

“I once asked Mary Poppins if she could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards. She replied “it is quite rude to ask a lady what she is able to do but saying Dociousaliexpisticfragicalirupus is going a bit too far!”

Mary Poppins with Spaceship Earth
Credit: ITM

So, add meeting Mary Poppins at Epcot to your must-do list during your visit to Walt Disney World! Mary Poppins is an attraction that captures the essence of the iconic character, allowing guests to interact with her in a charming and memorable way. From exploring the quaint streets of London to joining in on a jolly holiday with Mary, this experience will surely leave a lasting impression, but ensure that you’re following the rules as Poppins has zero issues putting you in your place.

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Whether you’re a die-hard Mary Poppins fan or simply looking to add a touch of magic to your visit to Walt Disney World, the Mary Poppins attraction at EPCOT is a must-visit destination. So why not step into the world of this beloved nanny and let the magic unfold before your eyes at EPCOT’s Mary Poppins attraction?

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