Mary Poppins Gets Glorified Teacup Ride at EPCOT

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Disney fans have wanted a Mary Poppins attraction for many years, and it looks like they might finally get it. What better way to celebrate Walt Disney’s magnum opus with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke than by giving it an attraction at EPCOT? However, the proposed ride might be more like a slap in the face.

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins riding a carousel horse
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If a Disney production was ever owed an entire attraction surrounding it, it’s Mary Poppins. Considered by fans and critics alike to be the perfect Disney movie, an attraction inspired by the 1964 Oscar-winning film should be given an attraction that is practically perfect in every way. It seems like someone at Disney missed the memo.

Mary Poppins Misses the Mark

As described by @ReviewTymeLuke on Twitter, EPCOT’s proposed Mary Poppins attraction was essentially an indoor teacup ride, basically Alice’s Mad Tea Party but with screens. Naturally, this is far below the bar of quality set by Disney Imagineering. If EPCOT can take Guests across the universe and back again with the Guardians of the Galaxy, why can’t they give them a jolly holiday with Mary?

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Any attraction based on Mary Poppins, be it a dark ride, an enchanted carousel, or even a walkthrough of No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, should have Disney Imagineers chomping at the bit to pull out all the stops and make it as charming and magical as she is. An indoor teacup ride isn’t just a lazy idea, it’s a glorified carnival ride that would absolutely insult both Mary Poppins and her fans.

The Good News

Dick Van Dyke as Bert in Mary Poppins
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Thankfully, this concept has reportedly been scrapped, as more EPCOT developments have been pushed back. However, that doesn’t excuse Disney Imagineering for even considering this idea. The tea-cup sketches alone look like a desperate attempt at a tie-in to Mary’s animated world, and it completely lacks the whimsical appeal made famous by Walt Disney’s vision.

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Hopefully, with further developments coming to EPCOT, a Mary Poppins attraction might be taken back to the drawing board for some better reworking. With any luck, she’ll be given the experience she so desperately deserves.

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