Universal Orlando Set for Historic 34-Year Change

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Collage of Universal Studios attractions with a "big changes ahead" sign, suggesting upcoming transformations or updates at the theme park.

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Universal Orlando Resort is making waves with significant changes on the horizon, like adding new lands and Epic Universe opening in 2025. However, another potential change could be arriving as well.

A Universal Orlando Resort man stands with his arms crossed in front of a conceptual aerial rendering of a Universal Orlando location, with an animated Mickey Mouse appearing jovially beside the image.
Image Credit: Inside The Magic

Universal Orlando Resort to Bring Historic Change With Epic Universe – More on the Way?

Universal Orlando Resort (UOR) announced the addition of Epic Universe, DreamWorks Land, and some changes to its names and signage. Some new revamps are coming to the official Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort, CityWalk, and more.

Universal Studios, including Universal Parks and Universal CityWalk, are set for significant facelifts not seen in 34 years. This year also marks the first time Halloween Horror Nights will stretch over four months, the longest in 33 years. Universal Studios Florida will get an entirely new land called DreamWorks Land this year, which is set to open this summer. Theme park admission to this place will never be the same.

Have you warmed to the new logo designs yet? Which is the worst one in your opinion that you can just never get on board with? I know every logo has to start somewhere but the OG Islands of Adventure one just slaps so hard #UniversallySpeaking

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The signs seem to signal Universal’s attempt at modernizing its logos across its theme parks in Orlando, but as you can see from the X post above, not everyone is happy about the changes coming soon to the parks.

However, someone else made an exciting discovery that will bring a historic change to Universal that was not seen in 34 years of operation.

Universal Orlando Resort showcasing its newest theme park, Epic Universe.
Image Credit: Inside the Magic

In The Terra Luna/Stella Nova flyover video there are these modernized Universal entry signs as you enter the Epic Universe area… wonder if we’ll see a refresh throughout the existing property using the new logos?

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@parkhopperzach made an exciting realization when Universal dropped a video showcasing the new Terra Luna and Stella Nova resort hotels coming next year next to Epic Universe. It appears that Universal will change its iconic entrance sign, which we have all come to love and know over the last few decades.

Of course, this is purely speculation and should be considered a rumor, not factual. However, it’s still interesting to note that if UOR goes this route, it will mark a historic and significant change to its entrance sign, bringing a more modern look and feel to its location in Orlando.

A vibrant night sky illuminated by fireworks above the Epic Universe Resort, inviting visitors to a world of entertainment and excitement.
Image Credit: Inside The Magic

Scheduled to open in 2025, Universal Epic Universe is currently under construction at UOR in Orlando, Florida. Positioned as the fourth theme park at Universal Orlando, it is poised to double the size of the original theme park.

The expansive offering of Universal Epic Universe will boast over 50 attractions, along with a rich array of entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences. Among its key highlights are five themed lands, including SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, Dark Universe, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

With DreamWorks Land, Epic Universe, Stella Nova, Terra Luna, and more heading to the UOR theme park, Disney should be worried as a new theme park sheriff may be in town.

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