SPOILER ALERT: ‘Bluey’ Wedding Footage Leaks Before Premiere Date

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A cheerful group of animated dogs, including Bluey, with flower crowns happily posing together for a picture.

Credit: Ludo Studios

For the past few weeks, Bluey buffs around the world have been counting down the days to the massive 28-minute episode “The Sign.” Predicted to be the biggest entry in the show’s existence, fans have run the gauntlet of emotions, but are they prepared for the wedding of the year?

Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky seen in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

Ludo Studio and Bluey creator Joe Brumm have been teasing and breadcrumbing their audience for months leading up to the premiere, but fans scrolling through their feeds might have been met by a surprise this morning. While most of Bluey’s media has kept things under wraps, someone leaked and gave us a preview of the marriage of Rad and Frisky.

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Although the surprise wasn’t completely spoiled, a TikTok user with the appropriate handle of @youshouldnotseethis shared a complete sequence of the wedding in the footage below. WARNING: Read no further if you wish to go into the new Bluey special completely blind.

Bluey Fan Leaks New Footage


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Although it’s presumably the climactic scene of “The Sign,” the footage above is still but a small sample of the long-awaited episode. At 28 minutes long, the next serving of Bluey promises to be a highlight for the show’s decorated career, and will predictably be perhaps the most streamed episode on Disney+.

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At the time of writing, it’s unknown how the clip made it onto the platform, but it definitely looks like a marvelous time for the Heeler family. Judging by the footage above, everyone has a role to play in the wedding party, and eagle-eyed viewers will notice more than a few familiar faces in the congregation. 

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While the footage above is undoubtedly smile-inducing, the events leading up to Frisky and Rad’s union are still unknown. However, all will be revealed when the new episode hits screens everywhere on April 14, 2024.

Are you ready for the wedding of the year, or did it just get spoiled on TikTok? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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