Official: Netflix Cuts ‘Stranger Things 5’ Release, Streaming Coming To End

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The 'Stranger Things' gang looking up at the sky at the end of Season 4

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Fans of the beloved Stranger Things series on Netflix were dealt a blow earlier this year, and now, further troubling developments have surfaced with Netflix as a whole.

(L to R) Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), and Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) dressed as Ghostbusters in 'Stranger Things' Season 2
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Previously, Inside the Magic reported the disappointing news that Stranger Things 5 would not be hitting screens in 2024 as anticipated. Originally slated for release that year, setbacks caused by the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes have pushed back its production schedule. Netflix has now confirmed that both Stranger Things 5 and Wednesday Season 2 will not be airing this year.

Though the beloved shows were originally supposed to be released in 2024, we are looking toward 2025 as the earliest that they’ll be released. Netflix has not confirmed that either show will be available in 2025, but with Stranger Things already filming its fifth season and Wednesday Season 2 set to begin filming in just a matter of weeks, we can surmise that there’s a good chance the two shows will likely be available beginning in late 2025.

(L to R) Erica Sinclair, Max Mayfield, and Lucas Sinclair at the graveyard in 'Stranger Things' Season 4
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Of course, While it’s not Stranger Things’ fault that other shows face cancellation, it’s intriguing to observe the comparisons and comprehend Netflix’s decision-making process. Despite cutting numerous titles, the streaming giant continues to hike subscription prices. Following crackdowns on password-sharing and a recent price hike, there are rumors of another increase in the future.

Netflix isn’t just canceling Stranger Things. More streaming is ending

Netflix has canceled a myriad of shows and has already announced the end of multiple more. The fifth and final season of Stranger Things is being made, but multiple other shows are set to end this year or in the near future. 

Obliterated, a series that met its end prematurely, offered viewers a thrilling narrative that, unfortunately, concluded abruptly. Meanwhile, Ratched, with its dark and gripping storyline, garnered a dedicated fanbase before being cut short. Similarly, The Brothers Sun and Break Point, both canceled completely, had their narratives halted before they could fully unfold, leaving audiences to wonder about the potential directions these shows could have taken.

Enid (Emma Myer) and Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) standing in a doorway
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In contrast, some shows have been given the opportunity to wrap up their stories gracefully. Big Mouth, known for its irreverent humor and candid exploration of adolescence, will conclude after eight seasons, allowing fans to bid farewell to its beloved characters.

Likewise, Cobra Kai, with its revival of the Karate Kid universe, will end after six seasons, providing closure to the journey of its characters. Elite, a Spanish teen drama filled with intrigue and drama, will also wrap up after eight seasons, giving viewers a chance to see how the story concludes.

Sweet Tooth, a unique blend of fantasy and adventure, will conclude after three seasons, while The Umbrella Academy, with its dysfunctional superhero family, will end its run after its fourth season.

Vikings: Valhalla, a spin-off of the popular historical drama, will conclude with its third season, while You, a psychological thriller, will wrap up after its fifth season. In addition, Young Royals, a Swedish coming-of-age drama, will end after its third season, allowing viewers to see the resolution of its characters’ arcs.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things
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Of course, the most talked-about cancellation remains is Stranger Things, which will end after five seasons. The series, known for its nostalgic 80s setting and supernatural mysteries, will leave behind a lasting legacy in the hearts of its fans.

Created by the Duffer Brothers and led by a talented ensemble cast, including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and Winona Ryder, Stranger Things has garnered widespread critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

The Duffer Brothers’ vision for the series, influenced by classics like E.T., The Goonies, and Stephen King novels, has resonated with audiences of all ages, earning numerous awards and nominations. As the series approaches its highly anticipated fifth and final season, fans eagerly await the conclusion of this supernatural saga, eager to see how the mysteries of Hawkins will ultimately unfold.

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