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If you’re a frequent visitor to the Walt Disney World Resort, you know that there are several stereotypes and bits of knowledge shared amongst other regular park-hoppers. Along with such things as judging our friends based on what direction they explore EPCOT’s World Showcase, decorated Disney veterans know about the park’s water problem.

Disney Springs water tower
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Although it’s not uncommon for some guests to have an unnatural affinity for the bromine-infused water at Pirates of the Caribbean, longtime fans of the place where dreams come true know to avoid the water fountains at Disney World as much as possible. Not because they’re toxic or undrinkable but because of a particular… flavor.

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As Midway to Main Street points out below, naturally occurring sulfates in the local water supply give drinking water its distinct and often unpleasant taste. Sulfuric water is still safe to drink, but most are understandably put off by the smell and aftertaste. A group of Disney fans recently shared how to get around it while still staying hydrated at Disney.

Dreaded Drinking Water at Disney World

Most guests might not choose to drink sulfuric water on a regular basis, but beggars can’t be choosers when faced with that famous Florida sunshine. That said, other options exist besides the various drinking fountains and filling stations scattered across Disney World property.

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Anyone who’s ever been to the state of Florida already knows how ridiculously hot and humid it can get, even during the fall. Schlepping through the parks can take a lot out of a person, and hydration is vital to keeping up with the flow at Disney World. It’s awfully hard to storm the Magic Kingdom while suffering heat stroke.

Guests Share Their Solutions

Complimentary water at Disney World
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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld asked where to find the best drinking fountain in the Disney parks, and dozens of fellow fans responded in the comments below. Although multiple users rate their favorite fountains despite the secondary contaminants found in Florida’s water supply, several others, like u/stabbyhousecat, point out the poor quality of Disney’s regular drinking water.

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The user humorously adds at the end of their post,

“I don’t know what it tastes like, but it smells like what I imagine a dirty butt crack might smell like. There’s no way I’m drinking that.”

Butt cracks aside, Disney World has rarely been in want of options for anything, and that includes where to get the best drinking water. Experienced Disney fans like u/stellalunawitchbaby know that the best bet is always the quick-service restaurants on nearly every other corner.

The user writes,

“I skip the water fountains and just continue to refill a water bottle with filtered ice water from quick service spots.”

And then later replies,

“The QS spots will still have cups of ice water in [Magic Kingdom] – it’s unfortunate not to be able to fill up the bottle myself, but I’ll just grab the cups as often as I can and keep adding to the bottle.”

Interestingly enough, u/317ant shares another way to combat dehydration. With the magic of Liquid IV.

“I don’t think they’re filtered. We bring liquid IV packets and use those to keep us drinking water and hydrated, so I don’t notice the water itself as much.”

Dolls at "it's a small world" in Disneyland Paris
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Whether they get it in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, or even Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, it’s still important to stay hydrated when they visit the parks. Thankfully, visitors can find a tray of water at nearly any quick-service restaurant, which means Disney is well aware of the situation at hand and the parties involved aren’t just sitting idle.

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Drinking sulfur water isn’t ideal, but it’s not fatal. That said, a filtered water bottle will also go a long way on anyone’s next Disney trip. Let’s just hope guests don’t get any ideas about dipping into the supply at “small world.”

Where do you get your water at Disney? Let Inside the Magic Know in the comments below!


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