Hollywood Studios Faces Massive Makeover, Rebranding Predicted

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For years, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood meets the magic of Disney. Even during the days of Disney-MGM Studios, the theme of classic cinema has always been a prevalent element, but it might soon change.

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Recent reports have shown that Disney parks have been undergoing some massive transitions. As Disney’s Animal Kingdom bids farewell to Dinoland USA and Disneyland Paris welcomes the Disney Adventure World rebrand, how long will it be before Hollywood Studios meets a similar fate? Moreover, it might already be in the works.

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Many hardcore Disney buffs will agree that the golden age of cinema is slowly seeping from the park as Disney continues to gather new IP and explore other properties like Star Wars and Marvel, but does that warrant a total makeover? A recent post on r/DisneyParks shares a mockup of what a new movie-inspired park could be like.

From Hollywood Studios to Hollywood Adventure

Will we see a Hollywood Studios rebrand?
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u/Jayhero19 shared the image above, along with the following query.

“On April 12, 2024, Disneyland Paris announced that their second gate: “Walt Disney Studios Park” would be rebranded as “Disney Adventure World”. With the company straying away from movie-making and the studio concept, could we see a rebrand of Hollywood Studios in Orlando as well? With only a small portion of the park still retaining the studio theme, the name change would make sense. Years back, Bob Iger stated that they were considering a name change, however nothing came to fruition. What are your thoughts?”

Although the image above is still a conceptual drawing, the user points out a few issues multiple guests have with how much Hollywood Studios has changed in the past 16 years. Movies are still a massive part of the experience, but to say the park isn’t a melange of ideas would be untrue.

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Further down in the comments, u/Heroic_Sheperd makes the criticism that Hollywood Studios has ultimately lost its identity. The user shares,

“Hollywood studios destroyed its own identity and now goes against what MGM studios was always supposed to be, the magic of moviemaking. While there are pockets of Disney+ up quality, the whole direction of the park is sloppy and mismanaged horribly. For how much Iger loves his IPs in the parks, it’s terribly presented in Hollywood Studios.”

The user also adds their list of ideas on improving the park, but they end their post with the following statement.

“Hollywood Studios has the potential to be one of the best parks, competing with EPCOT and Magic, but in its current state it’s one my family prefers to spend a half day splitting a ticket with Animal Kingdom.”

In this writer’s opinion, that could be interpreted as the park suffering from too much of a good thing. It’s no secret that Disney owns a lot of intellectual property, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be stuffed into one place. Star Wars and Indiana Jones make sense, but do we really need a Disney Junior area in a park with such a large older clientele?

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Criticisms aside, u/ausgoals adds a more realistic perspective on the matter. The potential Hollywood Studios rebrand wouldn’t be so much of a new identity but rather an inevitable change with the times. The user writes in their post,

“I think that… ultimately moviemaking is both not what it used to be and also not as exciting or ‘magical’ as it once was. Thanks to computers and budget squeezes… movie ‘magic’ these days is huge LED walls and green screens. Which can be cool and/or impressive in a technical sense but… isn’t really ‘moviemaking magic’ in the way that was once popular.”

Flipping the Script

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Like all Disney parks, Disney’s Hollywood studios were designed to evolve constantly and consistently. As new movies, TV shows, and intellectual properties change our viewing culture, so two is this reflected in the park. Classic Disney cartoons and properties like Star Wars aren’t going anywhere, but that does leave room for growth with other entities.

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Whether a rebrand happens or not, Hollywood Studios is still changing whether guests know it or not. As Disney continues to push out new movies and shows, audience interests will continue to change. Given how much of the park is dedicated to immersing them into the world they see on their screen, it makes sense that Disney would want to focus on becoming a part of the movies instead of how they are made.

Do you think Hollywood Studios has lost its identity? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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