Epic News From Disney: Fantasmic! Final Verdict Revealed

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A collage of two images: to the left, Mickey Mouse dressed as a wizard casting a spell during a fireworks show; to the right, the Disneyland iconic castle illuminated at night with "status update" signs for Disney.

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Disney has unveiled the fate of the highly demanding and popular nighttime show Fantasmic!, and guests will be surprised.

Mickey Mouse, dressed as a magician on stage during the Fantasmic! show, surrounded by dramatic blue and purple stage lights and mist during a nighttime performance at Disneyland Park for Disney.
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Disney Reveals Fate of the Fantasmic! Nighttime Show – Fans Rejoice

It’s been some time since Fantasmic! took center stage inside Disneyland Park. For those who don’t remember, since April 22, 2023, Fantasmic! has been temporarily closed following an unfortunate incident during the show’s finale. A fire broke out, engulfing the 45-foot-tall Maleficent dragon prop, destroying its body and leaving only a charred skeleton behind. The closure, initially anticipated to last until at least Memorial Day, was extended to Labor Day and delayed until spring.

During the ill-fated performance, the fire initially ignited from the dragon’s face before swiftly spreading across its body. As the music abruptly ceased, the towering Maleficent dragon began to breathe fire, with flames cascading from her head down to her body and onto the ground below. Swift action was taken by crew members on the ground to extinguish the blaze, leading to the safe evacuation of all involved without any reported incidents.

In the wake of Fantasmic!’s hiatus, interim entertainment offerings have been introduced. Heartbeat of New Orleans, Queenie, and the Jambalaya Jazz Band have stepped in temporarily to captivate audiences, providing an engaging experience while the beloved Fantasmic! undergoes necessary repairs and assessments.

But, alas, fans rejoice! Fantasmic! is officially returning to Disneyland, and sooner than you think!

Mickey Mouse stands on stage with arms raised, shooting sparks from his hands against a dark, craggy backdrop, resembling a Fantasmic performance at night inside Disneyland Park.
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It’s Official – Fantasmic! Returns Next Month!

Industry insider Scott Gustion on X finally revealed that the Disneyland website has the official return date for Fantasmic! to be May 24, 2024, which is confirmation from Disney that the show is on the calendar and is returning on a said date rather than being left in the air and went to guessing.

The date being on the schedule on the Disneyland website further confirms that May 24 was announced back in March. 

Fantasmic! at Disneyland Park is OFFICIALLY back on the calendar. The show returns on May 24 with showtimes at 9 PM and 10:30 PM.

@ScottGustin on X

The announcement of Fantasmic!’s return carries significant significance (whoa, weird wording, write?) for Disneyland guests, heralding the eagerly awaited resurgence of a beloved entertainment spectacle.

Fantasmic! is revered as one of the park’s most iconic nighttime shows, captivating visitors with its enchanting blend of music, narrative prowess, and breathtaking visuals. Its reinstatement signifies the reinstatement of a cherished tradition, elevating the Disneyland experience with an added layer of enchantment.

A large, dragon-shaped structure at night, emitting a strong jet of fire from its open mouth against a dark background, reminiscent of Fantasmic! at Disney.
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For guests, the revival of Fantasmic! presents a coveted opportunity once again to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Disney. Gathering along the picturesque Rivers of America, visitors will witness the unfolding of this mesmerizing spectacle, fostering cherished, shared moments among families and friends while creating unforgettable memories.

Furthermore, the return of Fantasmic! Symbolizes resilience and rejuvenation, underscoring Disneyland’s steadfast dedication to delivering unparalleled entertainment despite adversities and setbacks. Its comeback is poised to reignite a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation among guests, attracting thrilled visitors keen to partake in the magic once more.

Ultimately, the official announcement of Fantasmic!’s return promises to enhance the Disneyland experience, delight guests of all ages, and reaffirm the park’s stature as a premier destination for unforgettable entertainment.

What are your thoughts on Fantasmic! having an official return date on the Disneyland website? 

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