Goodbye, Mickey: Minnie Mouse Finds New Romantic Partner

in Tokyo Disneyland

Image of Mickey Mouse on the left and Minnie Mouse on the right, split by a jagged line, both standing in front of a fairy tale castle, smiling and waving.

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Bad news for Mickey Mouse, as Minnie Mouse appears to have found a new romantic partner.

While everyone likes to talk about the fact that Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie, people seem to forget that Minnie Mouse first appeared in the same animated short (meaning early versions of both characters are now in the public domain since their copyright expired in January).

Disney Cruise Line Captain Minnie
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Despite being a staple at The Walt Disney Company since 1928, Minnie receives a shred of the recognition given unto her male counterpart. On the bright side, however, she is just as visible through Disney’s theme parks. Whether you’re at Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, or one of the four other resorts scattered in between, you can find a spot to meet Minnie for yourself – as well as purchase your fair share of Minnie-inspired merch.

When you do meet Minnie, she rarely appears directly alongside Mickey (unless you’re at a character dining experience). Most of the time, the two mice are available for meet and greets in separate rooms – or separate locations entirely – such as at Red Carpet Dreams in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's Castle
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One guest recently encountered Minnie alongside a totally different iconic character. In a video shared by X (formerly known as Twitter) user @maru3__disney, Minnie Mouse was spotted not with Mickey but with Donald Duck in Tokyo Disneyland, where (shock and horror) the two appeared to kiss.

The two appeared pretty bashful, with Donald Duck shaking his head in embarrassment and Minnie Mouse falling back in shock.

Other users seemed equally shocked. “Even Disney characters cheat,” wrote user @Bini8140. “That’s the way things are now.”

Mickey & Minnie Mouse wave to guests in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT.
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Meanwhile, @3NFADV4Rt77CNPz pointed out, “It would be terrible if Daisy and Mickey found out.”

In defense of Minnie and Donald, however, @fukka1218 wrote: “Mickey and Daisy were also walking along holding hands and enjoying the moment… Miki-Fure means unconditional love for everyone…”

Donald Duck planter at the entrance of Tokyo Disney Resort
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Donald hasn’t only just replaced Mickey as the object of Minnie’s affection at Tokyo Disney Resort. As of earlier this month, Donald is also the (temporary) face of Tokyo Disneyland itself as the park continues its Disney Pal-Palooza event series by hosting Donald’s Quacky Duck City until June.

In 2016, the internet went equally crazy when pictures taken at Walt Disney World Resort showed Minnie kissing Goofy while Mickey Mouse stood watching ominously from the shadows.

Mickey and Minnie at Magic Kingdom's train station with two dancers
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This may have been a playful moment between characters at a theme park, but Disney actually made Minnie Mouse cheating on Mickey a reality before (yes, really). Back in the 1930s, a comic strip apparently saw Mickey find out that Minnie had cheated before returning home and reaching for a gun. Dark, much?

In a 1930s Mickey Mouse comic, Minnie cheated on Mickey with another mouse. Mickey then tried to kill himself.

In a 1930s Mickey Mouse comic, Minnie cheated on Mickey with another mouse. Mickey then tried to kill himself.
byu/PizzaPlaneta infunny

“Oh, what’s the use?” Mickey’s character is shown as saying in the comic. “She doesn’t care for me anymore – what is there to live for? Without Minnie, I might as well end it all!”

Considering the fact they’ve been an item for nearly a century, we’re fairly sure Mickey and Minnie will survive this one – although, let’s just say that we didn’t have infidelity on Main Street, U.S.A. on our bingo card today.

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