Minnie Mouse Leaves Mickey After Copyright Expiration

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Mickey and Minnie Kiss

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Weeks after The Walt Disney Company lost copyright to the Steamboat Willie (1928) version of Mickey Mouse, another blow hit the brand icon. While enjoying a meal at Storytellers Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa, a Disneyland Resort guest swept Mickey’s beloved Minnie Mouse off her feet.

Storyteller's Cafe at Disney's California Advneture
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Last year, Disney outraged fans by pairing Mickey Mouse with Daisy Duck instead of Minnie in a Marvel Comics series. But this time, it was Minnie Mouse who decided to go out on a date with another man!

Disneyland Resort guest Alliah Saleena Garci (@alliahsaleena on TikTok) shared this video of her brother falling in love with Minnie Mouse during their Character Dining experience at Storytellers Cafe:


Minnie said, “Don’t Tell Mickey!!!” #storytellers #grandcalifornian #disney #disneyland #dca #theimaginationstation @Disney Parks @Disney

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The video starts with Minnie Mouse mistaking the brother and sister for a couple. After correcting her, the man jokes that he has “that person,” referring to the empty seat across the table.

Sympathetic Minnie Mouse immediately sits across from the guest, staring into his eyes and pretending to be on a date. She nodded along as he jokingly flirted with her.

“I have a date now,” he exclaimed. “So, how’s your day going? Now I’m happy; I have a date today.”

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
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Minnie Mouse giggled before getting up. They “pinky promised” they would go to Disneyland After Dark Sweethearts’ Nite with the guest buying their tickets.

“You make me nervous,” the guest quipped. Minnie mimed the same thing.

Before leaving, Minnie Mouse blew the guest kisses and drew a heart in the air. Then, she shushed the family and looked around the restaurant.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Fort Wilderness Resort
Credit: Disney

“I won’t tell Mickey,” the guest assured her.

Of course, Mickey Mouse is used to sharing Minnie’s affection with thousands of guests each day. Hopefully, he won’t be too upset about her brief date!

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