Disney Partners with The Beatles for a Long Awaited Project

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Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy reenact The Beatles' Abbey Road crossing in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World, mimicking the iconic album cover.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

In partnership with Disney’s magical streaming service, various musical acts have found their way from the recording studios and concert venues into our living rooms. From Elton John to Taylor Swift, Disney+ has brought viewers closer to their favorite artists, but it’s surprising how much the House of Mouse has done with The Beatles.

The Beatles sitting on a car for a photo
Credit: ABC

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr have been brought back to Abbey Road Studio through the docu-series by Peter Jackson, Get Back, and then again for a behind-the-scenes feature on “Now and Then.” Per a recent announcement from the studio and the band’s surviving members, the Beatles are returning for a mysterious new project.

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As shared on social media by Walt Disney Studios and the Beatles in the post below, the studio is reuniting with the Fab Four once more, but the upcoming Disney+ original was being kept in the dark, or rather… in the light.

The Beatles: At Last?

Four empty portrait boxes, the words “at last,” and the band’s iconic logo are the only clues left by Disney as to what the ambitious new venture with the Fab Four might be. Save for the promise of “there will be an answer.”

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Hardcore Beatles fans might recognize the image as an inverse of the Let It Be album cover, minus the four portraits of the band. Since Peter Jackson’s series already covered the final Beatles concert seen in the film from 1970, it was implied that the movie of the same name is making its streaming debut on Disney+. Naturally, the more perceptive Beatlemaniacs were correct, as the announcement from Disney revealed today.

The original film was a fly-on-the-wall experience that showed the Beatles in their natural habitat at Abbey Road Studio before heading up for the Rooftop Concert like Peter Jackson’s documentary. Featuring performances of “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Get Back,” and the titular “Let It Be,” the film was one of the last times all four Beatles performed together.

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The announcement is, of course, fab news for Beatles fans. The restoration and accessibility of the band’s final film may open the door for other entries in the Beatles’ filmography, like Hard Day’s Night (1964), Help (1965), and Yellow Submarine (1968), to come rolling onto Disney+. Of course, this isn’t the band’s only recently announced cinematic escapade.

Across the (Cinematic) Universe?

Beatles in front of James Bond opening
Credit: Inside the Magic

Inside the Magic previously covered the announcement that the Beatles will soon receive their own cinematic universe on par with Disney and Marvel’s MCU. Directed by Skyfall’s Sam Mendes and released through Sony Pictures, the Beatles are getting their own individual biopics.

The official announcement from Deadline shared,

“Mendes and [Sony Pictures Entertainment] will find their own lane in films about Paul, John, George, and Ringo’s coming of age when they became global recording and film stars who made young girls swoon and left the quartet often running for their lives from pursuing crowds of fans. The band evolved from the loveable Mop Tops, who sang blues-inspired love songs, to daring, edgy artists who embraced hot-button issues of the ’60s. After the breakup in 1970, each member faced the impossible task of living up to the band’s success. But all of them blazed paths in different directions, as solo artists with reams of No. 1 hit records, and by touching the culture in other ways…”

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While the Walt Disney Company doesn’t seem to be involved at this time, there’s no denying their past connection to the Fab Four. Whether this new venture is a way to match Sony’s “BCU” or something completely different remains to be seen, but it might give viewers another wave of Beatlemania.

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