Disney Secretly Invented Two Colors (and They’re Everywhere!)

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A collage of Disney's Go Away Green and Blending Blue camouflage paint colors in different settings

Credit: ITM and BioConstruct

Step into the enchanting world of Walt Disney World Resort, where shades like Go Away Green and Blending Blue create a world of wonder. Crafted meticulously by Disney Imagineers, these hues possess a remarkable power to go unnoticed by your eyes. While these Disney colors may not make a vibrant appearance at your favorite hotels or shopping malls, they’re all around you in the realm of Disney World. 

The intriguing twist? You might encounter them countless times without even realizing it during your park visits!

Are you able to spot the Go Away Green in this Adventureland photo? Let’s take a closer look!

go away green in adventureland
Credit: @disney_picology on IG

Go Away Green

Go Away Green was formulated by Disney to “erase” backstage buildings and camouflage construction walls from your sight. Alongside the fact that Disney construction workers and designers have design limitations and can’t decorate every square inch of the property is also the fact that construction walls will eventually come down. However, Disney’s blending blue and green color play a major role in maintaining Disney’s aesthetic as magical as ever.

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Disney’s Go Away Green color is a combination of greenery in the area (and can be more than one palette shade), as well as a brown, gray, and green hue that your eye naturally wants to ignore. Unlike bright construction orange that your eye sees well, Go Away Green is the opposite. 

Disney World also uses Go Away Green on things like cameras, trash cans, construction fences, and utility boxes. If you’re looking for it, you will also be able to find this well-engineered Disney green color on any new Disney World Construction 2023 projects from some pretty sweet spots like backstage roadways or while enjoying a Skyliner car ride.

Check out a photo of Go Away Green caught in live action at the back of the Ratatouille construction area (photo by @bioreconstruct) back in 2020 below!

go away green fence disneyland
Credit: ITM

Instagram user Sophie (@Happy.Ever.After.Disney) shares her favorite Go Away Green shots, using this Magic Kingdom lattice box as an example of two different problem-solving hue greens. When Cinderella Hub was undergoing construction, the Partners statue was covered with this green shades box. The idea was to have your eye blend over the construction area and keep going towards the castle. You can even see the green construction walls in the distance. What’s important to know here is that Go Away Green can be a few different shades to match the surrounding foliage or trees.

Sophie wrote:

Day 9 of the Disney trivia challenge is about how Disney created a color called Go Away Green. A very bland shade of green you see a lot of in the park but don’t really think anything about.  It was created with the idea that the common eye would glaze right over it. Unless you’re looking for it, it is all too easy to just glance right past anything painted in this all-too-neutral colour. It is used in a lot of places like fences, buildings, the wall around the park… And most famously, the door to the exclusive Club 33. Have you noticed this go away green before?


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At Disneyland, we use the use of some darker Go Away Green fencing to keep guests contained from the Pixar Pals Parking Deck construction. While this is not a true use of Go Away Green, it just shows that Disney knows how to blend things from your view using your brain!

go away green fencing
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

A Reddit thread discusses possible color pigments for Go Away Green, and one user suggests that the colors come from the “Plochere color system and match the foliage in Florida.” No color codes are shared, as the colors are obviously proprietary.

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Disney’s Blending Blue

Lesser known than its green cousin, Blending Blue came into play when Walt Disney World was built near Jacksonville, FL, and Four Corners, FL. The sky was so very blue, and with Disney’s lack of space constraints – of which there are many at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California – buildings reach far, wide, and high. This meant Imagineers needed to disguise or blend these buildings into the Florida-related scenery — as a result, the team touched base with the scenic department in Anaheim and asked for a blue pigment formula to match the Sunshine State sky.

cinderella castle magic kingdom
Credit: Disney

The painters mixed up a formula of the Disney color to match the sky and sent it over to Florida – but it didn’t match the brilliant blue skyline at all. It matched the much duller blue of the California landscape. So, photos were shared, visits were made, and finally, the Floridian shade of Blending Blue was created for Walt Disney World Resort. This reporter was lucky enough to hear this story from an Imagineer on a trip to Disney Springs as a Disney Parks Moms Panelist.

For a real-life example of Blending Blue, we look to Bioreconstruct (@ Bioreconstruct ) on Twitter. They shared a photo a few years ago of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster building being repainted backstage. But it’s not just any shade of blue… it’s Blending Blue, specifically engineered to match the sky colors in central Florida year-round. The tan portion of the building was the old color, and you can see the lighter Blending Blue being painted right on top of it.

blending blue disney color
Credit: BioReconstruct

How to Recreate Disney’s Secret Colors

If you want to put on your Imagineer hat and get a piece of Disney color magic within your own home, we’ve got you covered. We have prepared a list of Go Away Green and Blending Blue-inspired paint colors so you can transform your nursery, bedroom, or even office into a Disney-like haven. Take a look at these copycat shades below:

Go Away Green

  • Whispering Willow Green: Capture the essence of Go Away Green with this soothing hue that seems to blend effortlessly with nature.
  • Enchanted Evergreen: Channel the hidden magic of Go Away Green with this captivating color that brings a touch of mystery to any room.
  • Fairy Tale Fern: Transform your space with the charm of Go Away Green through this rich and inviting shade that evokes a sense of adventure.
  • Mystical Mint: Create a space that echoes Go Away Green’s artful concealment with this delightful color that’s full of surprises.

Blending Blue

  • Mystic Morning Mist: Recreate the ethereal charm of Blending Blue with this gentle shade that’s perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Dreamy Azure Breeze: Embrace the calming allure of Blending Blue with this dreamy shade that invokes the serene beauty of the sky.
  • Skyline Serenity: Invoke the tranquility of Blending Blue with this shade that captures the essence of a peaceful day by the ocean.
  • Azure Dreams: Recreate the soothing ambiance of Blending Blue with this shade that takes you on a journey to serene, endless skies.

Aerial look at Play Pavilion and Guardians of the Galaxy construction at EPCOT. Nearly all of the Play Pavilion roof panels have changed. pic.twitter.com/45L2F83RFk

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Where do you often see Go Away Green or Blending Blue Disney? Let us know at Inside the Magic and leave us a comment below!

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