‘Frozen’ Star Canceled for Supporting Bob Iger

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Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse with bags of cash in front of the Walt Disney Company building.

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The Walt Disney Company recently gained an unexpected but strong ally in its battle against Nelson Peltz’s Trian Management Fund and Blackwells Capital. Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf in Frozen (2013) and LeFou in Beauty and the Beast (2017), endorsed Disney CEO Bob Iger in the proxy war against the billionaire investors.

The shareholders’ vote for control of Disney is fast approaching. On April 3, stock owners will vote to maintain the status quo or change Disney forever with Peltz’s “Restore the Magic” campaign. The Wendy’s executive vowed to take the “woke” out of Disney and focus on storytelling instead of diversity in films.

Bob Iger and Nelson Peltz against a Mickey Mouse statue
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Peltz has former Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter and former Disney CFO Jay Rasulo behind him, but the House of Mouse isn’t fighting alone. Nine of Walt Disney’s descendants signed letters against the Peltz takeover in February, with four of his grandchildren writing, “There have been challenging times, but this current management has adjusted and grown through those challenges.”

“It is imperative that the strategy Bob Iger, his management team and the board of directors have implemented is not disrupted,” the other five heirs agreed.

Last week, Josh Gad voiced his endorsement for Iger on Instagram.

josh gad beauty and the beast
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“What this man has done and continues to do for the Disney Company is unprecedented since the days of Walt himself dreamed the impossible into life,” Gad wrote. “I am fortunate to have seen some of the plans Bob Iger and his incredible team have in store for the future and that future could not be in better hands.”

“Fellow shareholders, join me in supporting Bob and his entire @disney team by voting for them today,” he continued. “Don’t leave magic to people who only understand it as dollars and cents.”


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But commenters weren’t happy with Gad. Many were upset that the Tony Award nominee spoke favorably of Iger after he advocated against siding with the writers’ and actors’ strikes last year.

“Wtf are you talking about??” @jen.my.dear asked. “The dude who wanted writers and actors to lose their homes??”

Bob Iger speaking during a MasterClass session
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“He was one of the people at the forefront of letting actors starve and have their homes foreclosed on them instead [of] paying them what they deserve and treating them fairly,” @attackonmorgan agreed.

Others were upset about spiking prices at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort under Iger, locking out many middle-class families.

“The man responsible for making Disney Parks a luxury instead of accessible,” @isabelcvb wrote. “The man that’s too busy counting his earnings instead of paying actors and writers fairly. The man that’s behind raising all the costs just because. Yeah no thanks Josh, he can take a hike.”

LeFou dancing with Gaston
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“There’s still time to delete this, dude,” said @saranaomiphoto.

The Walt Disney Company didn’t comment on Gad’s support, and the Angry Birds Movie (2016) star didn’t acknowledge the adverse reaction to his Instagram post.

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