Universal to Bring back Shrek as New Land Opening Date Announced

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Universal DreamWorks land - Shrek, Donkey and Puss posing in front of the Universal Studios Globe.

Credit: Inside The Magic

Universal Orlando Resort has released a slew of information regarding its newest Universal DreamWorks Land opening soon, along with some exciting announcements regarding everyone’s favorite Ogre, Shrek.

Universal DreamWorks land - DreamWorks land Universal Orlando
Credit: Inside The Magic / Universal Studios Florida  

Universal DreamWorks Land Opening Date Announced, Shrek to Headline New Area

In an exclusive report from EW, Universal announced the opening timeframe for its newest land, sharing further information on the areas coming, some concept artwork, and the return of Shrek. DreamWorks Animation will take charge of this new land at Universal Studios Orlando, giving life to a once-dead area.

Entertainment Weekly (EW) has provided an eagerly awaited update on the array of forthcoming attractions set to grace the latest themed destination at the Florida resort, drawing inspiration from beloved DreamWorks movies such as Shrek, Puss in Boots, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda.

The exciting new attractions include a faithful recreation of Shrek’s Swamp, complete with his iconic tree trunk cottage, offering guests an immersive experience of the whimsical world of the beloved ogre. Additionally, visitors can anticipate the exhilarating Trolls Trollercoaster, featuring franchise favorites including Poppy, Viva, Tiny Diamond, Satin, and Chenille, promising thrills and adventure for all ages.

Troll characters in costumes at Universal Studios Florida.
Credit: Universal

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Universal Studios DreamWorks Land is set to offer a diverse range of experiences beyond the previously mentioned attractions. Among these offerings is the Imagination Celebration, a dynamic multi-sensory adventure blending pop music, dance, and cutting-edge technology to create an immersive party atmosphere within the DreamWorks Theater.

Additionally, guests can look forward to the Character Zone, where meet-and-greets with beloved DreamWorks characters will occur.

Construction is underway for Universal Studios’ DreamWorks Land at the theme park, positioned adjacent to the esteemed E.T. Adventure ride, co-founded by DreamWorks luminary Steven Spielberg.

Shrek (left) Donkey (right) DreamWorks
Credit: DreamWorks

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DreamWorks Land is scheduled to open its gates in the summer of 2024 at Universal Studios within Universal Orlando Resort. Summer could mean as early as May or as late as July. But we’re counting on Universal to deliver the goods and open this land sooner rather than later, as Epic Universe will also be opening but will invite guests in the summer of 2025.

Here are the new details surrounding the new areas coming to DreamWorks Land this year:


Shrek’s Swamp Meet is an engaging opportunity for guests to interact with beloved characters, including Shrek, Princess Fiona, and the ever-charming Donkey, just outside Shrek’s iconic cottage.

For the little ones, Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres offers an immersive play area featuring four exciting slides, wet play zones, and a playground for climbing, bouncing, and splashing, complete with a venture into Shrek’s whimsical outhouse.

Universal DreamWorks land - Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots in 'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish' (2022)
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

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Delve into Puss in Boots with Mama Luna Feline Fiesta, an interactive experience set in Mama Luna’s retirement home for cats. Guests can engage with Mama Luna’s feline companions through vibrant interactive screens activated by buttons, bells, maracas, and levers, with the chance of encountering the legendary Puss in Boots himself.

Experience the enchanting melodies of King Harold’s Swamp Symphony, where guests can unleash their inner composer by triggering a choir of ever-changing frog ribbits through interactive lily pads.

Satisfy your ogre-sized appetite at Swamp Snacks, offering delectable treats inspired by Shrek’s world, including Shrekzel, Far Far A Waffle, Frozen Ogre, and more. This ensures a delightful dining experience for families.

Trolls from the DreamWorks movie having fun and dancing.
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

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Introducing the Trolls Trollercoaster, where guests embark on an exhilarating adventure after passing through a dazzling marquee adorned with beloved characters such as Poppy, Viva, Tiny Diamond, Satin, and Chenille. Riders of all ages can hop aboard the iconic Caterbus, zooming along a vibrant orange and yellow track, evading evil spiders as they enjoy this family-friendly rollercoaster experience.

For the little ones, Poppy’s Playground offers a shaded oasis nestled beneath a towering 20-foot mushroom. This whimsical play area features vibrant flowers and friendly bugs, providing bouncing and climbing structures for the youngest trolls to explore and enjoy.

Indulge in a delightful treat at Trolls Treats. Poppy’s iconic boombox from Band Together has been transformed into a charming kiosk offering brightly colored ice cream treats inspired by Poppy and Branch. Enjoy flavors like the refreshing pink lemonade-infused Poppy-licious Pink or the delectable huckleberry-flavored BroZone Berry.

Visit the High Five Hideaway, hosted by the jovial Cloud Guy, for all your retail therapy needs. This newly established retail location boasts a wide array of merchandise, including apparel, plush toys, and accessories from popular franchises such as Shrek, Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, Gabby’s Dollhouse, and moreGabby’sing a memorable shopping experience for guests of all ages.

Universal DreamWorks land - Jack Black as Po in 'Kung Fu Panda'
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

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Kung Fu Panda:

Step into the world of Kung Fu Panda films at Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp, an immersive play area that brings the vibrant Panda Village to life like never before. In this all-new experience, guests can engage in wet and dry play activities, assisting the pandas with their laundry using enormous water cannons, dump buckets, and giant fans. Along the way, encounter interactive elements such as an engaging gong, playful baby pandas, and oversized noodle bowls from Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop, adding to the excitement of the adventure.

Join in on the fun with Po Live!, a digital and interactive meet-and-greet experience where guests can interact with the legendary Dragon Warrior himself. Po entertains guests with his Kung Fu prowess, shares cooking tips while preparing delicious stir fry, and even takes on the role of babysitter for his energetic cousin, Ling Ling. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with Po and immerse yourself in Kung Fu Panda.

Stay tuned to Inside The Magic for more updates regarding DreamWorks land coming to Universal Orlando Resort this summer.

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