Insider Breaks Silence on Walt Disney’s Frozen Head in Disney World

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Walt Disney posing in front of 'Sleeping Beauty' concept art.

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Is the frozen head of Walt Disney really located inside of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort?

Walt Disney Statue in World Celebration at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

Though Walt Disney never got to see the iconic Magic Kingdom completed, as he died in 1966, just five years before the Disney World park would open in 1971, his fingerprint is all over the theme park.

From iconic attractions like “it’s a small world”, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and the Country Bear Jamboree to its similar layout to Disneyland Park, which he designed to be completely immersive, Walt Disney’s legacy certainly still lives inside Disney World today. However, there have been rumors for decades that though he never got to visit Magic Kingdom while he was still alive, Walt Disney’s body still did make it to Orlando. Well, at least part of it.

Magic Kingdom shot of Cinderella Castle
Credit: Julio Tejera, Flickr

Rumor has it that Walt Disney’s head was cryogenically frozen and placed inside of Magic Kingdom. Though the iconic creator did look into futuristic technology, insider Ken Pilcher recently revealed the truth behind the story.

“There was a rumor around the time of Walt’s death, and ever since he died, there’s been rumors that he was into cryogenics — because Walt did legitimately look into a lot of futuristic technology — but it is absolutely not true that his head is underneath Cinderella’s castle, which is the biggest of those rumors,” News 6 producer Ken Pilcher said. “He was cremated a couple of days after he died. He died of lung cancer, and his wife had him cremated. You can go to the cemetery. It’s Forest Lawn Cemetery in California. I visited his grave, you can see his grave there.”

Guests look on inside the Magic Kingdom besides the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue, Partners, at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney’s legacy extends far beyond animation and theme parks, weaving itself into the fabric of global culture. As the visionary architect behind beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse and timeless classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Disney pioneered innovations that revolutionized storytelling and entertainment. His relentless pursuit of imagination and innovation gave rise to a multimedia empire that continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

While Walt Disney’s head cannot be found, there are a series of tunnels that run under Magic Kingdom, known as the utilidors, where employees traverse unseen to maintain the magic above. These underground passages, stretching for miles beneath the iconic theme park, serve as a hidden network facilitating operations from costume changes to trash removal, preserving the illusion of a pristine world aboveground.

As far as where these tunnels are located? That’s a question for another day.

Crowds gathering around Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom at Disney World
Credit: Inside the Magic

What are the most popular Disney World rumors?

Haunted Mansion Secret Entrance: Rumors abound about a secret entrance or underground tunnel leading to the Haunted Mansion ride, allowing VIPs or celebrities to bypass the regular line.

Hidden Mickeys: Many visitors claim to have spotted “Hidden Mickeys” throughout the park – subtle representations of Mickey Mouse’s iconic silhouette hidden in various attractions, landscapes, and even food items.

Tower of Terror Closing: Periodically, rumors surface suggesting that the iconic Tower of Terror ride will be closed or replaced with a different attraction. However, as of now, the ride remains a popular staple in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney World
Credit: Chad Sparkes via Flickr

Space Mountain Closing: Similar to the Tower of Terror rumors, whispers occasionally circulate about the closure or refurbishment of the beloved Space Mountain roller coaster. However, Disney has consistently reassured fans of its continued operation.

Splash Mountain Reimagining: Prior to its official announcement, there were rumors circulating about Disney’s plans to retheme the Splash Mountain ride due to its connections to the controversial film Song of the South (1946). This rumor proved to be true, with Disney announcing a reimagining of the ride based on The Princess and the Frog (2009), titled Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is set to open this year.

Tiana, Louis, and animal animatronics greet guests in concept art for Tiana's Bayou Adventure.
Credit: Disney

New Park or Expansion: Speculation often arises about the possibility of Disney World expanding its offerings with a new theme park or a significant expansion of existing parks. While there have been no official announcements regarding this, the idea remains a popular topic of discussion among fans.

Pirates of the Caribbean Changes: Rumors occasionally surface about potential updates or changes to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride, ranging from minor refurbishments to significant reimaginings.

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