Dave Bautista Reportedly Wants To Join the DCU To Portray Batman’s Greatest Villain

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Dave Bautista was one of the most vocal actors about his time in the MCU, often stating that he wished to leave behind the role of Drax the Destroyer. Though he was wonderful in that role, he said he did not want to be remembered only for that. While it was assumed he would not want to take on the role of another superhero, the man is pitching his idea to take on the greatest Batman villain.

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DC has transformed into the DCU under the leadership of James Gunn. Though the famed director and now CEO revealed that the DCU would officially start with his Superman: Legacy film, which is scheduled for release on July 11, 2025, there are a couple of holdouts from the past era of DC. One of those holdouts is Blue Beetle, which garnered some good excitement.

There has been some confusion about where Blue Beetle fits into the new DCU; as Gunn stated, “Superman is the first DCU movie, but Blue Beetle is the first DCU character.” We think he means that there might not be a trilogy planned for Jamie Reyes, but he is often a huge ally to many DC characters highlighted in the DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are huge allies in the comics, meaning he could appear in that series, and there have been rumors of Blue Beetle also appearing in Peacemaker Season 2, which still doesn’t have a release date, but it is speculated it will come out in December of 2025 or January of 2026.

Either way, Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto has seemingly made something special, and early reactions could lead to the man having a more expansive role in the DCU. He initially had a pitch for a Batman film, though he was given Blue Beetle. Dave Bautista has apparently seen Blue Beetle and loved it so much that he wants to work with Soto.

Dave Bautista Wants to Play Bane

Before Angel Manuel Soto was set up as the director of Blue Beetle, he had apparently given DC a pitch about a movie that revolved around Bane. Soto is introducing the first Latino superhero to DC, so it makes sense that he wanted to do the same with Bane. Though most fans know Bane to be Tom Hardy, the character is often of South American descent.

There has not yet been a truly comic-accurate version of Bane shown in live-action, so it stands to reason that someone would want to accomplish doing so. Soto made a significant impression on Dave Bautista, who now wants to portray Bane in the DCU.

DC currently has two different Batman universe franchises happening. Matt Reeves is building out his Batverse, with Robert Pattinson starring as Batman. Reeves has a more grounded approach to his films, much like Nolan, so we are unsure if he plans to bring Bane into the mix. Nolan did bring in Bane, but not the traditional South American version from the comics.

There are also the Todd Phillips Joker films that have yet to bring in Batman, though the first film did feature a young Bruce Wayne. Though there have been rumors that Harvey Dent would be in the second film, it might still not set up the traditional Batman story of him taking down these criminals to save Gotham.

James Gunn is developing his DCU Batman film, The Brave and The Bold. That could be the place to introduce Bane, as he would appear to fight Bruce and Damien Wayne. This could be where Dave Bautista could theoretically be introduced, assuming Soto doesn’t get to make his solo Bane movie.

James Gunn and Dave Bautista have also worked with one another extensively on Guardians of the Galaxy, so we imagine Gunn is a big fan of the man’s acting prowess. Gunn had stated he planned to work with actors from Marvel in his DCU, so it makes sense he would want to bring Bautista over.

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We will have to see how Blue Beetle does in theaters when its releases next week and if Soto will be retained to develop more DC projects. Andy Muschietti directed The Flash and is staying under the DC banner to direct The Brave and the Bold. Should Soto make a splash with his film, he could be treated the same by receiving another movie. It just depends on Gunn if Bautista could take on the role of Bane.

Editor’s note: As Superhero Hype reported in February, apparently Bautista and Gunn haven’t discussed their future projects just yet. “He’s an incredible director and we have a camaraderie that’s priceless, so to work with him again?” he said, according to Superhero Hype. “I mean I’d do it for free. But, we just haven’t had the conversations.”

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