New TSA Report Warns Disney Guests, Orlando Airport Tops Illegal Firearm List

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If you are flying into Walt Disney World, please remember that guns are not only restricted entirely from all theme parks but also, from your carry-on bag as well. Shockingly, TSA has listed thousands of guns found in carry-on bags in 2023, with Orlando being one of the hot spots.

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If you ever try to arrive at Walt Disney World Resort and pass by security to go into Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom (or even Disney Springs), you will be subject to a metal detector. If you try to bring in a firearm, the detector will beep, triggering a bag and body search by security. 

If and when the gun in found, the registration for the gun will be run to ensure that it is meant to be owned by the person who is in possession of it. If bringing the gun was an honest mistake, perhaps someone forgot it in their backpack, and the firearm was properly registered, the guest may just get sent back to their vehicle to return the weapon to a safe place. If the gun is not registered or dangerous intent is discovered, the authorities would get involved. 

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At the airport, things are even less lenient. 

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As stated by TSA, “Travelers may only transport ammunition and unloaded firearms in a locked, hard-sided container as checked baggage. Ammunition and firearms (loaded or unloaded) are prohibited in carry-on baggage. TSA considers a firearm to be “loaded” when both the firearm and its ammunition are accessible to the passenger. For example, if an individual has a firearm inaccessible baggage and ammunition in his/her pocket or any combination where the individual has access to both, the firearm is considered “loaded” for purposes of assessing a civil penalty.”

Even a replica of a firearm must be properly checked and is not allowed on a plane as an accessible item or toy.

This is why the recent stats of TSA finding a gun every other day in Orlando (MCO), is shocking.

According to a recent TSA report, the Transportation Security Administration said it intercepted a record 6,737 firearms at 265 U.S. airport security checkpoints in 2023, surpassing the previous year’s record of 6,542 firearms. In addition to this terrifying number, 93% of those guns were found loaded.

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Click Orlando spoke with TSA Administrator David Pekoske, who said, “We are still seeing far too many firearms at TSA checkpoints, and what’s particularly concerning is the amount of them loaded, presenting an unnecessary risk to everyone at the TSA checkpoint. Firearms and ammunition are strictly prohibited in carry-on baggage. Passengers are only allowed to travel with an unloaded firearm, and only if they pack it properly in a locked, hard-sided case in their checked baggage and first declare it to the airline at the check-in counter.”

Orlando International Airport, AKA the airport where all guests headed to the most magical place on earth arrive and depart from, was listed in the top 10 when it came to airports with the most guns found in carry-on luggage.

It was reported that 164 firearms were found at MCO, with Tampa International Airport having 144 firearms and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport discovering 135 of them. Orlando International Airport has a store for Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, and more. The airport has tons of shopping and eateries, making it one of the more entertaining airports for guests to use, from its iconic 90’s green carpet design to the new massive LED screen that showcases a dragon from Harry Potter flying all around you in the terminal c addition.

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While Disney’s security team is trained to assist in cases such as these, it is still highly concerning to see Orlando, one of the largest tourist capital cities in America, ranking on the leaderboard when it comes to firearm activity at the airport.

Click Orlando concluded, “In addition to any action taken by law enforcement, TSA fines passengers who bring a firearm to a TSA checkpoint with a civil penalty up to approximately $15,000, revokes TSA PreCheck eligibility for at least five years and may conduct enhanced screening to ensure there are no other threats present.”

How has your experience been while visiting Orlando International Airport?

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