Disney Park Is Officially Changing Another Tower of Terror

in Tokyo Disneyland

Spooky version of Tower of Terror

Credit: Tokyo Disney

Another version of Tower of Terror is changing – but at least this time, it’s not permanent.

Tokyo Disney Resort just announced that its version of the Tower of Terror will feature “increased fear” from from January 9 to April 7, 2024. This newer, scarier version of the attraction will reportedly consist of “additional falls and effects.”

Tower of Terror sign at Tokyo DisneySea
Credit: Loren Javier via Flickr

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Its changes will come in stages. From January 9 to February 4, the theme will be “Tower of Terror: Level 13,” in which guests can “enjoy more thrills than usual.” Between February 5 and March 6, the attraction will introduce a “Shadow of Siriki” overlay in which guests can “experience the horror of the Siriki Utundu curse.”

For the final month, guests will be able to vote for the version they prefer via the Tokyo Disneyland website. Voting details are expected to be released at a later date. It’s worth noting that Tokyo Disney Resort has also announced that on-ride photos will be unavailable during Tower of Terror’s three-month overlay.

Tower of Terror at nighttime in Tokyo DisneySea
Credit: Tokyo DisneySea

This isn’t the first time Tokyo DisneySea has changed its Tower of Terror. “Level 13” and “Shadow of Siriki” have previously taken over the attraction during the winter. The latter involves seven drops instead of three, varied drop sequences, and new projections of the ghoulish “Shiriki.”

In 2023, the ride operated as “Tower of Terror: Unlimited,” which promised to “double your fear.” This also involved new drop variations.

Tokyo DisneySea’s version of Tower of Terror is notably different from its sister attractions at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Paris. While the latter two rides are inspired by The Twilight Zone, Imagineers realized while designing Tokyo DisneySea that the show had little to no place in Japanese culture. They instead adjusted the ride’s theme, setting it in the fictional Hotel Hightower where its owner, Harrison Hightower III, stored his stolen artifacts – including a cursed idol named Shiriki Utundu, who went on to kill Hightower in his own hotel’s elevator.

Spooky version of Tower of Terror
Credit: Tokyo Disney

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The ride remains popular 17 years after its opening. However, Disney fans have grown increasingly concerned about the lifespan of Tower of Terror attractions across the globe since the location at California Adventure was closed and rethemed as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! in 2017.

Three versions of the ride currently remain intact, but recent Mission: Breakout!-style projections on Paris’ version of the ride (which conveniently sits next to Avengers Campus) have sparked fears that it could be next on Disney’s to-do list.

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