Gritty New Marvel Series Hailed as Return To Form for Struggling MCU

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Alaqua Cox as Echo/Maya Lopez in 'Hawkeye'

Credit: Marvel Studios

The strict review embargo on the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series Echo will expire today, but critics are already exploding with praise for the first MCU show of 2024 and for lead actress Alaqua Cox’s performance as the hearing-impaired antihero.

Alaqua Cox as Echo/Maya Lopez in 'Hawkeye' with her hand held up
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Early reports from social media are praising Echo as one of the best Marvel shows to date, even before the actual official reviews are available. Twitter user @AJGaliardi says:

“#Echo is BRUTAL, UNFLINCHING & RELENTLESS. Alaqua Cox & Vincent D’Onofrio bring a level of RAWNESS and DEPTH to the MCU not seen since the Daredevil series. Its storytelling is intricate and captivating, while the action is rich & ruthless, making it the first must-watch of 2024.”

@MasterTainment revealed:

“Got to check out #Echo early.


While it can feel a little slow at times, the fight sequences are dope.

VERY wise to release it all at once IMO.

Don’t go in expecting to watch Daredevil.

This is Echo’s *unique* story rooted in her heritage.

I dig it tbh.”

@FenixDy has similar thoughts:

“#Echo brings back that Marvel grit that has been missing since the Netflix series have ended. It is a refreshing reminder that there are many other, darker and rougher, facets of the MCU yet to be explored.

Alaqua Cox kills it as Echo/Maya Lopez in many senses of the word.”

Echo is the first Disney+ show to be released under the new “Marvel Spotlight” banner, which the company is promoting as being both more “ground-level” action (as compared to the more cosmic adventures of the MCU as a whole) and less directly connected to the overarching narrative of the franchise. Basically, Marvel execs heard the complaints that fans increasingly need to have watched dozens of movies and shows to understand what’s going on.

Close up shot of Alaqua Cox's Echo, a new Marvel series
Credit: Marvel Studios

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After a year of dwindling box office grosses and critical disdain, it finally seems that Marvel Studios might have an actual hit on its hands. All it had to do was give the fans what they were asking for: some grit and gloom.

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Echo
Credit: Marvel Studios

Echo will drop all five episodes on Disney+ at 9 P.M. EST. The show stars Alaqua Cox as the title character, Devery Jacobs, Zahn McClarnon,  Graham Greene, and Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox reprising their roles as Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin, and Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil. The series is headed by co-writers Marion Dayre and Amy Rardin, while Sydney Freeland will act as lead director.

Are you going to watch Echo when it begins streaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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