Disney World Fan Honors 46-Year-Old Ticket After TikToker Shows Up in Orlando

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Donald Duck next to tickets at Disney World

Credit: Inside the Magic

A TikTok successfully entered Walt Disney World after discovering a 46-year-old ticket to the iconic theme park that the company, astonishingly, accepted.

Crowds on Main Street U.S.A. at Disney World with Cinderella Castle in the background
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Popular TikTok personality Matthew Ables recently posted a video in which he explained that he had found a ticket to Disney World, which he had always assumed was just a family keepsake. However, he noted that the ticket did not seem to have an expiration date and did what any reasonable person would: book a flight to Orlando on the off chance that Disney would honor the ticket nearly five decades after it was sold.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
Credit: Disney

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It is also worth noting that the ticket was apparently sold for $8.00 in 1978; adjusted for inflation, that ticket would cost approximately $40 in 2024, which is still a lot cheaper than any Magic Kingdom pass you could find these days. On average, a single-day pass to Disney World generally runs a fan some $109 to $164 (depending on the date). Clearly, times have changed.

However, Ables found that Disney World was actually willing to accept his antique ticket…kind of. In the video, the TikToker says he got nervous at one point because a ticket taker was repeatedly stamping his vintage pass with a “void” marker, but then the park provided him with a replacement yellow pass that got him entry.

Disney World Annual Pass being held up in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
Credit: Inside the Magic

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It’s pretty astonishing that Disney would accept a ticket five decades after it was initially sold, but that’s the company’s own fault for not putting an expiration date on it. There might be a lot of controversy over how Disney is handling its Magic Passes these days, but it has probably put a few more restrictions on them these days.


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