Disney Park and Multiple Attractions Simultaneously Close Around the World, Nation-Wide Alert Given

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a snowy day in Disneyland Paris

Credit: PeterPanFan / Flickr

“The cold never bothered me anyway,” may be something that Elsa would say, but it certainly is bothering Disneyland Paris, and the guests within.

Disneyland Paris Snow
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

When we think about the Disney parks, oftentimes, snow does not come to mind. This is because the main parks within the United States are located in warmer climates. Disneyland Resort finds home in Anaheim, California, a state that rarely sees snow, and when it does, the flurries are not even strong enough to stick to the ground. Walt Disney World Resort is in the Sunshine State, and while it can get chilly in Florida at times, it is never cold enough to snow.

At the moment, Orlando is undergoing quite an intense cold front, presenting freeze warnings to guests, but the attractions at the theme parks are unaffected by this. That being said, the cold front has caused Disney’s water park, Blizzard Beach, to shut down for a multitude of days. This just shows that the current cold front sweeping the globe has hit not only Walt Disney World but Disneyland Paris as well.

disneyland paris snow
Credit: Alea (@aleacabri)

Disneyland Paris’ current cold front, however, is shutting down a majority of attractions, leaving the entire place covered in snow.

Crisis24 sent out a nation-wide warning, “Adverse winter weather conditions are forecast across much of northern and central France through at least Jan. 18. A storm system is expected to initially bring rainfall to the Brittany Region late Jan. 16 before precipitation transitions to a mix of freezing rain and snow as the system moves eastward over northern France through early Jan. 18. Hazardous travel conditions are likely across the affected region due to slippery roads and reduced visibility caused by blowing snow.”

As we can see through Disney blogger DLP Report (@DLPReport), the snowfall has taken over Disneyland Paris.

Snow at Disneyland Paris is always more of a contrast in Frontierland and Adventureland.

Below, we can see another photo, showcasing the snow on the eerie Phantom Manor.

❄️ Snowy Phantom Manor today.

While the snow does not appear to be overwhelming, its arrival and the ongoing low temperatures have caused issues with many attractions.

One future Disneyland Paris guest, NurseMadamme, has taken to the internet after tracking the ride wait times on the Disneyland Paris app, and noticing many attractions listed as closed:

“What in the world is going on in the parks right now? I’m going tomorrow for the weekend, and I was checking the wait times, and half the rides are out! Phantom manor, BTM, Indiana, pirates, le pays des contes de fees, Casey junior, autopia, nautilus, dumbo, the labyrinths, cars, parachute drop, slinky are all temporarily closed. Is it because of snow or icy weather. There’s very cold predictions right now but it’d be horrible if half the rides are closed because of it. Can anyone tell me what’s happening?”

In the comments some guests who were currently at the parks did note that some attractions did open, but it was a delayed start due to the ongoing weather and snow.

a snowy day in Disneyland Paris
Credit: PeterPanFan / Flickr

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Luckily for guests, there are many indoor attractions, as well as lines that take place indoors as a place to escape the cold. Disneyland Paris has also built even more roofing and coverage systems for guests in 2023, which gives guests further protection from any snow storms.

Disneyland Paris has undergone some bad weather as of late, with their New Year’s Eve festivities impacted from the intense wind. Thankfully, when it comes to the bed bugs problem in Paris, the conversation is happening a lot less now, making a visit to Disneyland Paris a lot less stressful.

Disneyland Paris will undergo a lot of changes in 2024, specifically in Walt Disney Studios Park. In April, Studio 1, which serves as the entrance to the park, as well as a dining and shopping location in an indoor themed movie studio, will shut down entirely for one year. This is going to cause a shortage in food locations, which Disney has acknowledged and warned guests about. More construction is found once guests enter the park as well, with Kingdom of Arendelle under construction, boarding up the backside of the theme park.

At Disneyland Park, Disney Symphony of Colours has debuted, offering a new firework and drone show over Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Would you visit Disneyland Paris in the snow? 

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