Disney Backtracks, Hints at Change for ‘Deadpool 3’

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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool scaling a wall in 'Deadpool'

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Disney just updated the name of the upcoming Deadpool (2016) sequel in its marketing distribution information, hinting at a big change for Deadpool 3.

Despite the impact of both the Writers Strike and SAG-AFTRA Strike this year, Marvel has remained impressively on track with its upcoming Deadpool threequel. While the film’s release date has been pushed back slightly, it’s still expected to hit theaters on July 26, 2024 – but under what name?

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in 'Deadpool 2'
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Until now, the third film has been exclusively referred to as Deadpool 3. However, industry insider Can We Get Some Toast has revealed on X (previously known as Twitter) that Disney has updated the name to “Untitled Deadpool Movie” on its official marketing site.

Its director Shawn Levy – best known for his work on Stranger Things – had previously told Wired that he was undecided on the film’s official name.

“There’s no title yet,” he said in October. I sometimes refer to it as ‘Deadpool versus Wolverine‘ or ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ or ‘Deadpool 3 With Wolvie’—we’ve got a few titles we’ve been bandying about, but boy, it’s a tough one.

Wolverine looking shocked in X-Men
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It’s unusual for a Disney film to have no official title just seven months off its release date. However, with all the secrecy and rumors around Deadpool 3 – most of which revolve around cameos from what sounds like every superhero ever created, plus Taylor Swift – there’s every chance that the title may give away a major plot point before Marvel is ready to release the trailer. Whatever it is, we’re willing to bet it’s multiversal (and may have a lot to do with the MCU’s path to the next Avengers films).

Levy’s unofficial title seems pretty apt from what we know about the film so far. Deadpool 3 (or whatever it’s called) is currently racing to wrap up filming after having to press pause earlier this year. Several images have leaked from the set in recent weeks featuring Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) alongside Hugh Jackman (Wolverine).

Deadpool sits down and reads from a piece of paper
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Reynolds recently spoke out about the release of images that give away major plot points and asked publications to hold back on publishing anything until the film was ready.

“Surprises are part of the magic of theatrical movies,” Reynolds wrote on his Instagram Story. “It’s important for us to shoot the new ‘Deadpool’ film in real, natural environments, using practical effects as opposed to making the movie indoors and digitally. Telephoto lenses continue to spoil surprises and create a difficult situation for everyone.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Dogpool
Credit: Ryan Reynolds Instagram

“Here’s hoping some of the websites and social channels hold back showing images before they’re ready. The film is built for audience joy — and our highest hope is to preserve as much of that magic as possible for the finished film and the big screen. Part of the reason people post spoilers is because they’re excited. I realize these aren’t real world issues and it’s firmly in the ‘good problems’ bucket. I love making this movie.”

Deadpool 3 is set to mark the debut of Ryan Reynolds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox. Jennifer Garner is confirmed to reprise her role of Elektra, who she first portrayed in Daredevil (2003). The film is also rumored to see Owen Wilson return as Agent Mobius and Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X.

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