Disney Restaurant Charges Devastated Guests Hundreds for No-Show

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Making dining reservations is one of the most important parts of planning a Disney Parks vacation. Coveted restaurants throughout Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District are often booked out as soon as the 60-day window opens!

It’s hard to imagine that guests wouldn’t want to use the reservations they carefully booked. But all Disneyland Resort restaurants charge unique no-show fees to incentivize guests to cancel reservations they don’t need.

Though cancellation policies are intended to make reservations available to as many guests as possible, some argue that Disneyland Resort restaurants need to be more lenient. On Reddit this week, one guest explained that they were charged more than $135 (the set menu price) for missing their Goofy’s Kitchen reservation due to a medical emergency.

Goofy's Kitchen buffet.
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“With everything happening so fast, I totally forgot to cancel the dining for Goofy’s Kitchen,” u/KoalaWorking wrote. “Looking at my bank statement- it appears they have charged me the full price for 2 people! Over $135!!! Has anyone had any luck disputing this charge with Disney? I don’t want to have to fight my [bank] for this.”

Other guests recalled similar experiences.

“We lost our World of Color dessert package for five people when my husband and I came down with COVID and they wouldn’t budge,” u/introverted_panda_ replied. “That was like $500. You can try, but they wouldn’t do anything for us and we’re from the east coast so it’s not like we can go back easily.”

mickeys at goofys kitchen, one of many character dining restaurants at Disneyland
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“They won’t because [then] everyone will just say that when they cancel,” said u/GomeyBlueRock. “We got COVID really bad and forgot to cancel a park reservation on our AP and there was no exception.”

But others had better luck.

“I was able to get a refund once by showing proof of a flight delay that prevented us from getting to the restaurant,” u/East_Kaleidoscope995 recalled. “They basically just took my flight info and confirmed the delay. Call and explain, let them know you have proof to back it up.”

Mickey meets two guests at a restaurant
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“Provide verification and it’s likely they’ll make an exception to policy,” u/HKittyH3 agreed.

When booking a Disneyland Resort restaurant reservation, note its cancellation policy. Every restaurant is different, even those owned by Disney. There is no guarantee that cast members will make exceptions, even for emergencies.

“Restaurants offering advance reservations charge a per person cancellation fee for reservations cancelled after the designated period or for no shows,” Disneyland Resort writes. “Each restaurant at the Disneyland Resort maintains its own cancellation policy which can be found online or in the Disneyland app.”

Should Disneyland Resort restaurants be more lenient about no-shows? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on personal Disney Parks guest experiences. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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