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  1. Devan

    As a former Disney World Guest Services Call Center Premium Cast Member we always handled each situation personally and worked with guests to fix situations like this. Many people lie and that is why they don’t get a refund. Non refundable reservations wouldn’t be necessary if more people took responsibility and not just book to grab as many reservations as they can taking away magic for other guests.

  2. Sharon rozmiarek

    Shouldn’t charge anything cause there is a waiting list at restaurants in case of no shows and cancelations and also the quality of food has gone way down to the point that we canceled all our reservations

  3. Once I move out for independent living, expect me to show up in one of the disneyland restaurants.

  4. Brad

    Wish I could charge Disney for the 45 minutes we had to wait for our reservation at the Blue Bayou. We didn’t even have any special requests. It just took that long for a table to open up.

  5. Kozie Bartow

    You would have spent at least what Disney charged, had you got there. Under the circumstances, I think Disney’s cancellation policy is reasonable. Life happens, and occasionally we lose out.

  6. Sherry

    One time our car broke down, had to be towed but I called Disney World restaurant. They understood & said I wouldn’t be charged. Turned out we made it about 20 min later & were seated. A little courtesy to the restaurant would prevent them from charging.

  7. Steven

    Wow. People are so entitled nowadays. Why would you complain about a policy that you read and agreed to when you booked the reservation?

  8. Crabalot

    I’m sorry this happened to you but I think this is reasonable. Many places have no show fees. We always buy trip insurance. Have had to use it once due to a medical emergency and it paid off big time: flight change for 4 people, two extra nights at Key West, medical bills, etc. You have to keep all of your receipts including doctors diagnosis and recommendations though.

  9. Robin

    Being charged for a no show is stated on the Disney App where you make the reservations. My family and I went to Disney, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom last year and there was an hour window to cancel your dining reservations.

  10. Matt

    Disney is pretty up front and in your face about their charges at restaurants. Life does sometimes happen and losing money for something is also sometimes part of that as much as it stings. Compassion is great, but from a business sense, your problems are not their problem.

  11. Jack

    Stop dealing with Disney all together. It’s a horrible place and a horrible company. You agreed to the fees.

  12. Mary Olnhausen

    The more I read the complaints about Disney the more I don’t ever want to go back. I’ve been there about 12 times over the years and it continues to get worse and worse. I really don’t want to go back. So many changes that don’t make the Parks better. Take me back 20 years

    1. Johnno

      If you don’t want to go back, don’t.

      It doesn’t matter to me what you do!

  13. lorraone

    If someone can prove a medical emergency then they should get a refund……If your flight is late getting in ,or a weather emergency keeps them from getting there, then it should be given, BUT so many people just decide to not show up should have to pay full price, If someone cancels the day of the reservation then pay half the price unless there is proof of something that you cant avoid like an emergency or flight delay……….And anyways why make reservations for the minute you get off the plane??? Rediculous.

  14. Jack

    You can always try to file a (or threaten to file) a “chargeback” or transaction dispute with whichever credits card you used to reserve. It will take Disney some time and resources to fight it, and some credit card companies will make them jump through lots of hoops to fight it. It’s a big inconvenience so depending on the amount…they might just refund you instead of going through the hassle of fighting a chargeback.

  15. Lori

    Disney should charge. You know the policy when you book but I do believe there are extenuating circumstances in which you are at the burden to prove and Disney should review for refund. There are too many people making reservations to obtain access to parks or resorts when they’re not entitled to be there. I’ve talked with way too many people that know how to abuse the system this way and that’s why Disney should tighten up.

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