‘Bluey’ Skirts Disney’s Censors

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Poodle screams at a horse in Bluey

Credit: Disney and Ludo

Disney is responsible for bringing Bluey to a broader audience, and thousands of fans will be forever grateful. However, the American studio has also been detrimental to one of Australia’s cuddliest exports.

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
Credit: Ludo Studio / Outright Games

Brought to fans by Bluey creator Joe Brumm and Ludo Studios, the adventures of Brisbane’s favorite blue heeler and her family have delighted an enormous audience of fans for three, soon to be four, seasons. As much as Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chili have gripped the world by the heartstrings, there’s one area where conflict continues to arise.

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If you’ve been living in a cave for the past three seasons, Bluey is an animated TV series that focuses on the Heeler family as Bluey, her sister Bingo, and all their friends and family learn and grow in a gorgeously animated canine version of Australia’s Brisbane. While this show has both parents and kids wrapped around its paw, cultural differences and humor have caused a scuffle with some audiences.

Bluey Watching a Rugby Match
Credit: Ludo

Bluey might have a huge following, but the show has been subject to heavy censorship for seemingly the weirdest of reasons. Multiple episodes have gone under the knife for depictions of pregnancy, fart jokes, and slightly suggestive humor, but one of the most “controversial” topics just made it onto Disney+.

Bluey Beats Bullying Back

Jack and Rusty in the episode Army
Credit: Bluey.tv

For one of the most revolutionary brands in pop culture history, Disney has had an uncomfortable relationship with censorship lately. It’s practically the reason we no longer have Splash Mountain. So why on earth would something as innocent as Bluey have anything unseemly about it?

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Multiple episodes like “Dad Baby” and “Family Meeting” were either censored or permanently banned for reasons ranging from crude humor to even fat shaming. Naturally, this has warranted all manner of eye-rolls from Bluey’s enormous fanbase, but a few of the more scandalous episodes have weaseled their way onto Disney’s magical streaming service.

Bluey steals Bingo's brush
Credit: Ludo/Disney+

The episode “Teasing” was previously pulled from Disney+, but has resurfaced along with censored versions of “Puppets” and “Family Meeting.” According to Australia’s ABC, both “Teasing” and “Flat-Pack” were pulled due to racial connotations in their dialogue.

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One school of thought suggests that the extensive attention to censorship from Disney is due to the ongoing culture clash here in the states. If fans can’t handle Br’er Rabbit and Bambi’s mom, who knows how much Australian culture might have viewers clutching their pearls.

Joking aside, “Teasing’s” re-inclusion might be more appropriate than some might think, considering its core message focuses on communication and how some senses of humor might come off as offensive. Maybe Disney realized their mistake somewhere along the way and subtly slipped it back into the line-up?

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