“Save Splash Mountain” Fans Sealed Attraction’s Fate

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Walt Disney world's Splash Mountain exterior at night

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With Disneyland’s Splash Mountain finally closing a few days ago to undergo retheming for Princess and the Frog (2009), protestors who tried to save the attraction have officially been silenced.

It was first announced that both Disneyland’s and Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain attractions would be closed for good back in 2020, with official dates announced in December last year. Disney World saw their attraction close back in January, with Disneyland just closing theirs last week. The news was met with fan uproar, as many fought to stop the changes.

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Protests and petitions erupted online, with many demanding the Parks keep Splash Mountain as is, citing its “iconic” factor although the attraction wasn’t an opening-day ride. Wait times for both Parks were upwards of several hours on their respective final days, with many standing in line for four to five hours just for one final splash. However, some Splash Mountain fans say that the same people sharing the petitions online and calling for the Park to leave it alone ruined the ride for them.

Guests on boat in Splash Mountain
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Twitter user @Starport97 took to the social media platform to share his thoughts: “I’m gonna be honest, the “Save Splash Mountain” people completely ruined the ride for me. I never kept a log of how many times I rode it, but it definitely dropped (pun not intended) once people wouldn’t shut up about how it was a travesty that it was closing.” The comments under his post primarily agree with him, as @Captainn00dles says, “they probably did more harm than good.”

Guests ride on logs through water on Splash Mountain
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Unfortunately, many of the conversations around the ride’s closing involved accusations of racism and removing history, from both sides. As @TDRPlans comments, “They definitely made the conversation a lot more difficult for sure. I always loved the ride, and even since before the Tiana debate…Now I worry about the implications of saying that by default.” Many of the other comments claim that the ferocity of the “Save Splash Mountain” fans ruined the attraction’s reputation by the end, like @cowgirl_kaylee who says “For most my life it was my favorite ride but I wanted it gone by the time closing came because I was so sick of these people.”

A close-up of the outside model for Tiana's Bayou Adventure
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It’s unfortunate that a Disney attraction caused so much backlash and controversy that even those who loved it just wanted it gone by the end. Splash Mountain has been controversial from its inception due to the movie its based on, but the Disney Parks are in an era of redesign and focusing more heavily on their currently popular IPs. While it was only a matter of time before Splash Mountain was on the receiving end of some changes, the very people hoping to save the ride ended up sealing its fate, even amongst its own fans.

Do you think Splash Mountain should’ve stayed or are you excited for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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