Universal Security Allegedly Targets Cross-Dressing Guests

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A lit-up archway leads into Universal Studios Florida for Halloween Horror Nights. Two photos of Guests in Nun / M3GAN costumes targeted by Universal security have been added in the foreground.

Credit: Universal / @AestheticPuppet via X (Twitter) / @Michael_a_ss via X (Twitter)

As Halloween Horror Nights came to a close at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure this month, some guests say Universal Orlando Resort security made their nights more of a nightmare. Though the Central Florida theme parks allow costumes on select special event nights, multiple guests following Universal’s rules were allegedly harassed by Security and forced to change.

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Universal Orlando Resort updated its dress code this year after decades of disallowing costumes. Guests may wear costumes made of regular material/ordinary clothing, but “no costume masks, veils, long trains, live animals, swords or weaponry are permitted.”

Guests waiting around the entrance to the Evil Dead Rise house after it was shut down
Credit: Inside the Magic

“Costumes cannot exceed 28” (inches) wide x 80” (inches) high to meet Universal Orlando’s metal detection regulations,” Universal Orlando Resort writes. “Costumes are subject to secondary x-ray screening. Universal Orlando will have sole discretion to decide whether an item is permissible.”

“Any item deemed inappropriate will be turned over by the owner and may be retrieved at the end of the day at the Universal CityWalk hub,” they continue. “If a guest is spotted in a costume that is not deemed permissible, he or she will be asked to either remove the costume and change into something more appropriate, or exit the park.”

Additionally, guests’ costumes must not give the impression that they are Universal Orlando Resort team members. Some attractions may turn away guests in costumes.

Guests run away from a monster at Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: Universal Studios

Both altercations with Universal Security took place long after the guests entered CityWalk. In the first incident, X (formerly known as Twitter) user Jay (@aestheticpuppet) and a friend wore nun-inspired costumes to celebrate The Exorcist: Believer, one of the Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses.

After the haunted house, Jay alleges that a Universal Orlando Resort security officer forced him and his friend to change out of their costumes without a detailed explanation.

“Update: Universal security said this was unacceptable and harassed us after we left the house,” he wrote. “Good times!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an isolated experience. @Michael_a_ss dressed as M3GAN the doll and faced a similar confrontation from Security.

“Same thing happened to me when I dressed as M3gan, they don’t like men cross dressing,” the guest said. “No one had any issues and the team members loved it. Here’s a photo of me the night I got escorted out and threatened with a permanent trespass.”

A guest and a monster stand side by side in 'The Last of Us' house at HHN.
Credit: Universal Studios

The guest was upset after double-checking Universal Orlando Resort’s rules about costumes.

“Also Ik there’s a rule on costumes but it’s about prosthetics, mask, and props,” he continued. “They allow costumes that fit under Normal Clothing, which a dress is, and I even asked if I can just wear the dress and they said all of it has to go. Other Security said it was a power trip.”

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