M3gan, Metallica, & More Could Be Coming to Universal Orlando

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M3gan from "M3gan" and Eddie Munson from "Stranger Things"

Credit: Universal/Netflix

Come fall, Universal Orlando could be overrun by some terrifying monsters ripped straight from the silver screen.

Earlier this week, we discussed the rumor that the hit HBO series ‘The Last of Us’ could be coming to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event, according to a popular speculation map on Twitter. This would be an obvious pick for this year’s event, which is historically headlined by big IPs like ‘Stranger Things’ or The Weeknd. However, clickers weren’t the only familiar monster on that map, so let’s take a look at some other possibilities for HHN 32.

The speculation map for HHN 32
Credit: Horror Night Nightmares

As previously announced, Chucky is the only confirmed house for the event so far. There is speculation that the killer doll could be serving as the event’s icon, although the possibility of ‘The Last of Us’ has thrown that rumor for somewhat of a loop. Now, it looks like Chucky may not be the only doll headed to this year’s event.

M3gan (2022) was one of the most highly anticipated movies of this past year. The Blumhouse Productions film, directed by Gerard Johnstone, tells the tale of a brilliant robotics expert who designs an artificial intelligence doll as a companion for her eight year old niece. However, it soon becomes clear that M3gan takes her job entirely too seriously and may have ulterior motives with dire consequences. The film’s promotional material went viral last year for its campy nature, and although the film was met with mixed reviews, M3gan became a fan favorite.

M3GAN Movie Poster
Credit: Universal Studios

Universal Orlando has created several houses based on Blumhouse Productions films in the “The Horrors of Blumhouse” series. Previous iterations of the house have featured Freaky (2020) and The Black Phone (2022) at HHN 31, and Happy Death Day (2017) and The First Purge (2018) at HHN 28.

This year’s speculation map hints that we could be getting another installment of “The Horrors of Blumhouse” featuring both M3gan and the hit horror franchise Insidious. It’s unknown if the house would feature just the first Insidious film, which was released in 2010, the upcoming Insidious: Fear the Dark (2023), or a combination of all the films in the franchise. It wouldn’t be the first time that a team-up between Chucky and M3gan was teased.

Another highly debated house rumor is that which occupies the “I” section of the map. Many fans have discussed what the combination of guitar and lightning bolt could potentially mean. Some fans indicate the combination could hint at David Bowie; the rockstar is famous for his lightning bolt “Ziggy Stardust” makeup. Other fans speculate the house could be themed to a metal band like Iron Maiden or Metallica. Especially after Metallica’s rock anthem “Master of Puppets” went viral after being featured in this season of ‘Stranger Things’, some fans speculate a Metallica x ‘Stranger Things’ collaboration.

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington (far left), Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson (left), Natalia Dyer as Nancy (right), and Maya Hawke as Robin (far right)
Credit: Netflix

Universal’s previous ‘Stranger Things’ houses have been a massive success, so it would make sense to bring the franchise back for the most recent season, which was received very well. On the other hand, some fans will speculate the house will be a sequel to last year’s The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare, a house themed around and partially developed by recording artist The Weekend. His most recent album, Dawn FM, was received positively and also has a horror-adjacent aesthetic, so it would also be a good fit for a house.

What do you think of these house rumors?



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