Disneyland Provides Update After Theme Park Location Closed Indefinitely

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After months of closure, a Disneyland Resort location reopened with a bold new menu. Schmoozies!, a smoothie and milkshake quick service counter in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park, has been “temporarily closed” for months, with opening dates repeatedly pushed back on the Disneyland Resort app.

This week, Disneyland Resort guests were surprised to see the counter open with a fresh menu! TikToker @sometimescastle shared a video of the reopened restaurant:


🎉 Exciting News! 🌟 Schmoozies in California Adventure is back and better than ever! 🎢 It has FINALLY reopened on Nov 13, 2023. 🍹 Sip on the magic with their NEW alcoholic menu items, including lemonades, shakes, and coffee bevvies. They also return with 2 new seasonal items for the holidays: the Cinnamon-spiced chocolate shake and the Dulce de Leche shake. We look forward to trying all the new drinks!! #disneychristmas #disneyholidays #disneyfoodie #disneyfood #festivalofholidays #disneyland #disneyparks #disney #californiaadventure #dca #disneynews

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Though many Disney Parks guests are excited for more alcoholic beverage options, some feel Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort should stay alcohol-free.

“It just seems like there are more and more extreme incidents of Guests acting irrationally in the Park while under the influence of alcohol,” one Disney Parks fan said in June. “I don’t think Disney would ever limit alcohol sales (it’s too profitable to put restrictions on), but I’m genuinely worried for the future of the Park if they can’t get this under control.”

The exterior of Schmoozies!, a counter service at Disney California adventure.
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“Disney should limit drinks on property…period,” another agreed.

Even some Disney cast members are tired of guests drinking at the theme parks.

“I’ve worked at all four of them,” one Disney cast member said in April. “If you think people are cranky when they get overheated, wait until they get overheated and drunk.”

Schmoozies! at Disney California Adventure Park

A  Halloween shake available at Schmoozies.
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Your favorite smoothie or coffee just got more fun! With the reopening of Schmoozies! came more than ten alcoholic beverages, including Honest Abe Cactus Kooler Mead; Watermelon Lemonade with Liquor; Mango Madness with Liquor; Affogato with Irish Cream Liqueur; Iced Latte with Liqueur or Liquor; Mucho Aloha, Original Hard Lemonade; Strawberry Banana Sensation with Liquor; Mangonada with Liquor; Cold Brew Coffee with Liqueur or Liquor; and Iced Americano with Liqueur or Liquor. They range from $14.25 to $19.

Non-alcoholic options include Refreshers (Watermelon Lemonade, Affogato, and Mangonada Smoothie); smoothies (Mango Madness, Make Mine Mocha, and Strawberry Banana Sensation); and numerous espresso-based coffee beverages. For a limited time, guests can purchase a Cinnamon-spiced Chocolate Shake, Dulce de Leche Shake, and Chip & Dale Holiday Straw Clip.

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“Take a power break with a delicious fresh fruit smoothie that’s sure to be the talk of the town,” Disneyland Resort writes of the walk-up counter. “Rub elbows with today’s up-and-comers in flavors like Mango Madness, Strawberry Banana Sensation and more. Coffees, specialty shakes and juices are also known to mingle at this quick-service venue.”

Are you excited about alcoholic offerings at Schmoozies!? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments.

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