Next Disney Movie To Limit Audiences, Outrage Ensues

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disney once upon a studio special

Credit: Disney Studios

The next Disney movie could feature an unexpected character… you!

As The Walt Disney Company prepares for the Wish (2023) premiere on November 22, Walt Disney Animation Studios plans to make a wish come true for one fan. Through Neiman Marcus, guests can purchase a hand-drawn Disney character version of themselves and voice that character in a Walt Disney Animation Studios short! It benefits Make-A-Wish, a charity that grants wishes for children with critical illnesses.

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“Once upon a time there was a gift so magical it could only come from one place: Introducing the one, the only, Fantasy Gift from Disney Animation,” Neiman Marcus writes. “In celebration of 100 years of Disney magic and the highly anticipated release of Disney’s motion picture ‘Wish’…Disney has created a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Asha from Disney's 'Wish' - the next Disney movie - standing in front of a door
Credit: Disney

“You’ll have the rare opportunity to see your own wish become a reality—an animated character of you (or your designated guest) brought to life by the talented artists at the Walt Disney Animation Studios,” the description continues. “You’ll voice your own character, enjoy a private tour of the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, and have special meet-and-greets and photo opportunities. After the animators have worked their magic, you will receive a digital copy of your personalized character’s cameo in a special animated short video. And, like in an enchanted dream, you’ll become part of the magic with a coveted invitation to a Disney film premiere in Hollywood.”

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There’s just one problem for most Disney fans… The exclusive Disney Fantasy Gift costs $510,000 and doesn’t cover travel or accommodations to Los Angeles or Burbank. And the short seemingly won’t release to anyone but its purchaser.

TikToker @bentonmcclintock shared a satirical video reviewing the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Guide, including the Walt Disney Animation Studios package.


this wasnt even all of it do we need a pt 2??? #holidaycountdown #holidaygiftguide #neimanmarcus #affordablegifts

♬ original sound – Benton McClintock

“You guys, this one is really designed for people who are on a budget,” the TikToker joked. “Neiman Marcus believes there’s a little fantasy in every gift, so they’ve curated a truly magical gift guide that you guys just cannot live without.”

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First up, we have ‘Your Wish Come True, a Disney Animation experience,’ for just $510,000,” he continued. “It’s a Disney fairy tale… Gives you a rare opportunity to be transformed into an animated character with a cameo role in a short video. So, for just half a million dollars, you can have a Disney cameo. That is just super, super exciting.”

Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) and dog in 'Strange World'
Credit: Disney

The video garnered hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of likes. Commenters were shocked that anyone purchases such pricey experiences and gifts.

“Do they take Kohl’s cash?” @wildhethern quipped.

“I JUST spent my last $500k,” said @rumpl3buttercup.

An animated image of Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and Hulk.
Credit: Marvel Studios

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“I want to hear from someone that’s actually purchased these,” @doraboots31 wrote.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Walt Disney Animation Studios Fantasy Gift should call 818-560-4433.

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