‘Wish’ Barely Rendered and Unfinished, Disney Animator Confirms

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Villageres in Wish looking shocked

Credit: Disney

In spite of it being billed as the ultimate Disney movie, Wish has gone from being the animated experience of the year to barely finished. The question is, which part of that description is true?

Asha and her goat in Wish
Credit: Disney

Although the marketing for Wish has been building up the hype train, calling it a love letter to every classic Disney movie fans grew up with, recent developments have spurred some harsh criticism from both fans and animators alike.

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With conservative media criticizing the depiction of Chris Pine’s villain and central plot lines and animators labeling it as an unfinished mess, it seems like the upcoming film is taking a turn for the worst. If Disney’s own animators and technicians are calling them out, it definitely doesn’t bode well for the upcoming production.

“That’s All They Have Finished.” Animator Confirms Wish Fears

Asha (Ariana Debose) with her friends in shock.
Credit: Disney

Disney themselves have done a lot to get people talking about Wish, even going as far as calling it a masterpiece “100 years in the making.” However, as trailers and footage continue to roll out, some fans are discovering that the studio might be losing its touch.

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While the trailers featuring the quirky Asha and her goat sidekick defying the magical might of King Magnifico are certainly exciting, many fans have noticed something odd about the new form of animation. Some might consider it a hybrid of the water-color stylings of the past mixed with the CGI upgrades of today, but many fans are calling it ugly and unfinished.

As Ariana DeBose leads the charge to get the wishes back from the film’s over-the-top villain, many fans have turned on the project and its creators. However, how much of the blame lies with Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and how much lies with Disney’s corporate saturation?


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WARNING: Video above contains harsh language.

@samspics118 is one fan that points out that the clashing of styles, and how Disney is losing their iconic style by trying to attempt more contemporary stylings. The user goes on to later to confirm the belief that Disney has become too afraid of audience backlash to take risks, resulting in watered-down and underwhelming projects such as Strange World (2022).


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Of course, that’s not the only criticism Wish has faced in recent weeks. Inside the Magic recently covered @itchybelle’s take on the status of the movie from an animator’s perspective, and several fellow Disney fans agreed with her sentiment of “Disney is officially dead.” However, things have not improved since an official Disney animator doubles down on her thoughts.


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Justin Garrison is a former technician for Walt Disney Animation Studios who goes into greater detail, not only on Wish’s status, but why Disney will never be the same studio again. Once more, we see the theme of Disney’s fear of risk being the source of their downfall, as well as the filmmaking process being run by studio heads rather than the directors behind them.

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The truth is rarely a pretty sight, and Garrison pulls back the curtain to reveal just how much corporate interference and market meddling has hurt the animation experience from The Walt Disney Company. While it’s a pattern the studio has survived before, Wish might not be the magical boost fans have been promised.

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