New ‘Snow White’ Officially Announced, Cast Changes Confirmed

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Rachel Zegler and Snow White

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It didn’t take long for Disney to see backlash surrounding its live-action Snow White film.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) holds a special place in cinematic history as the first full-length cel-animated feature in motion picture history. Released during the golden age of animation, this Disney classic brought to life the timeless tale of Snow White, a beautiful princess with a wicked stepmother. The film’s groundbreaking nature is underscored by its use of Technicolor and innovative storytelling, capturing the hearts of audiences and establishing a foundation for Disney’s future successes.

Disney's Snow White looking terrified against a background of green eyes
Credit: Disney

The narrative revolves around Snow White, whose unparalleled beauty triggers the jealousy of her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Forced to flee into the enchanted forest, Snow White encounters the lovable and distinct personalities of the seven dwarfs—Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, and Doc.

The film’s enduring charm lies in its memorable characters, enchanting musical score, and the magical world it creates. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs not only set the stage for Disney’s animated legacy but also remains a cherished classic that has enchanted generations with its timeless magic.

Snow White dancing with the seven dwarfs
Credit: Disney

However, as Disney announced it was making a live-action version of the 1937 classic, many fans became upset as more and more changes were announced. Rachel Zegler, who was cast as the titular character, shared that she believed the original version was “strange” and that it was “not 1937 anymore.” Alongside Gal Gadot (Evil Queen) and Andrew Burnap (Jonathan, since there is no prince in this version), Rachel Zegler has received quite the amount of backlash amid controversial comments. 

As a matter of fact, multiple reports have indicated that Disney elected to delay the live-action Snow White film by a year to allow the backlash to die down and to address some of the issues that fans have raised about the movie, as the company has spent a fortune making the film.

Rachel Zegler as Snow White in Disney's live-action version of Snow White
Credit: Disney

Attempting to take advantage of this backlash is the conservative media company The Daily Wire. Inside the Magic previously reported that the company was planning to make its own live-action Snow White film, and now they have now officially announced and confirmed that to be the case.

In a press release, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing officially shared that the company would be making its own Snow White, also saying that Disney’s version was “an apology for their past.”

“Instead of telling stories about timeless truth, what the ancient fairy tales were all about, Disney’s new Snow White is an apology for their past and will expose children to the popular but destructive lies of the current moment,” said Boreing.”…It’s a story about a princess and a prince, about beauty and vanity, about love and its power to raise us from death to life. It’s our own adaptation of an ancient fairy tale.”

Brett Cooper as Snow White
Credit: The Daily Wire+, Bentkey

The release shared more information about Brett Cooper, who will take on the role of Snow White in the movie. Cooper is an actress and host of The Daily Wire’s popular YouTube show “The Comments Section with Brett Cooper,” a viral content and news review show offering an against-the-grain, laid-back perspective on today’s culture. Brett has starred in several feature films and popular series, including Heathers, and will star in DailyWire+’s upcoming heroic adventure series, The Pendragon Cycle, and Bentkey’s Snow White and the Evil Queen.

“I was raised on the original Grimms’ Fairy Tales, so I’m thrilled that we’re bringing this iconic story to life for the next generation!” said Cooper. “Snow White is such a beautiful character, and I’m honored to be playing her. Like all the best fairy tales, this is a story with timeless values, like love, friendship, and kindness, and I can’t wait to share them.”

Boreing also revealed a sneak-preview of the upcoming film.

“While Disney still uses Walt’s name, they have all but abandoned his legacy,” said Boreing. “Disney has become a completely political organization. And that’s an enormous loss because Disney has the greatest content library ever created in the history of man.” 

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